The expert believes that Russia will not be betting on presidential elections in Ukraine.

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The head of the Fund “Ukrainian politics”, the political scientist and historian Kost Bondarenko claims that the Russian Federation may not allow the entry of Ukraine in NATO, providing the lack of consensus within the military-political bloc.

Russia understands that it is important not to allow Ukraine’s membership in NATO, because then the borders of the Alliance will come closer to the Russian expert said during a chat on “Glavred”.

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“But to achieve this (non-entry of Ukraine into the bloc — Ed.) perhaps not so much the production of anti-NATO sentiment in Ukraine, how to ensure a lack of consensus within NATO,” — said the source.

The historian believes that Russia will not bet on the presidential election in Ukraine (planned in 2019 — Ed.) as the United States. “These States will work with whoever comes to power,” — said Bondarenko.

“But in the parliamentary elections in Russia may be interested. According to my information, Russia is now interested not only in the presidential election in Ukraine, as the European elections, which will take place next year”, — said the historian.

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