The expert commented on the UN resolution on the withdrawal of troops from Transnistria: “Advisory in nature”

The UN General Assembly urged Russia to withdraw Russian troops from Transnistria. The draft resolution, which expresses “concern over the deployment of the Operational group of Russian troops and weapons on the territory of the Republic of Moldova” carried on the agenda of Moldova. The document was supported by 64 States, has acted against 14, abstentions 83 countries. MK asked the expert how this document should respond to Russia.

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“Resolution of the UN General Assembly are merely recommendatory, Russia will certainly heed this advice,” – said “MK” military expert Ivan Konovalov. However, he noted that to solve the problems of the Moldovan-Transdniestrian conflict, some resolutions will not work. “Russian peacekeepers are staying in Transnistria already for about 30 years has proven that the actions of our servicemen led to the stabilization of the situation in the region, a new war we did not allow it,” – said the expert. According to him, the final withdrawal of Russian troops from the region will be done only in close connection with the political settlement of the Transnistrian conflict.

Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria since July 21, 1992. Then was signed the Russian-Moldavian agreement On “principles for a peaceful settlement of the armed conflict in the Transnistrian region of Moldova”. In accordance with him into the conflict zone was introduced by the Russian peacekeeping contingent consisting of 6 battalions to monitor the observance of the truce and the promotion of the rule of law.

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