The experts noted that over the past two years a significant number of city councils have expanded the opportunities for residents to manage their cities.

The most democratic city in Ukraine is Chernivtsi steel / photo Marina.

According to the results of research Ukrainian center for independent political research in five Ukrainian cities with the highest levels of transparency, democracy and participation in management decisions entered Chernivtsi, Kyiv, Khmelnitsky, Lviv and Kramatorsk.

The study was conducted from may to August 2018 in the framework of USAID project “Citizens in action”. Experts analyzed 300 decisions of local councils, as well as the procedures governing access for residents of 24 regional centers to manage their cities.

More results can be found on the website of the study.

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The five most affordable cities were:

Chernivtsi – 90%

Kiev – 76%

Khmelnitsky – 75%

Lviv – 70%

Kramatorsk – 66%

Compared with results similar to last year’s study of lions has risen in the ranking from 14th.

“In Lviv the key working tools of involvement of society in decision-making. For example, adopted a new Charter, a new edition of local initiatives, public hearings, and introduced the detailed procedure for reporting of deputies, mayors, improved the work of parliamentary committees, introduced and modernized the budget, has improved the General meeting of citizens”, – commented on the growth of Lviv in the rating of one of the study’s authors Maxim Latsyba, writes zaxid.net.

The lowest rates of the study were in Kharkov – 38%, Zhytomyr – 29%. The overall average quality of local democracy in 2018 in the regional centers corresponds to the figure of 55 %.

The index of democracy of the towns / photo dovidnyk.org.ua

The experts noted that over the past two years a significant number of city councils have expanded the opportunities for residents to manage their cities. The improvement achieved by starting in the cities of new instruments of local democracy budgets participation and e-petitioning.

So for two years, 21 cities have launched budget participation, and 15 – e-petitions. Only 4 cities have launched local initiatives, and 3 public hearings.

Also there is a General trend to increase the transparency and accountability of local government to the community: improved reporting arrangements of the mayor and deputies (7 cities), the provisions of the parliamentary committees (5 cities), as well as the rules of the city Council (7 towns).

In General, the experts analyzed more than 300 decisions of local councils, and noted that 70 of them within the last 2 years have made positive changes that empower residents to influence the process of city management.

In comparison with the year 2016, the overall average level of democracy in Ukrainian cities increased by 17%. The greatest progress made the city councils in Kiev, Lviv, Khmelnytsky and Rivne.

At the same time, in some cities remain artificial barriers that make it nearly impossible to use the tools of local democracy.

So, to initiate public hearings at the Chernihiv need to collect 3,000 signatures of residents (recommendation 50), and to submit local initiatives in Kropyvnyts’ke – 19 000 signatures ( recommendation – no more than 250).

Worse just settled instruments is the General meeting of citizens (31%) and regulations of the Executive Committee of the city Council (28%).

The best democratic regulation in the new tools of local democracy: e-petition (94%) and budget participation (85%).

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