The fool is always simple: the expert explained why Skolko not going to be in Parliament

Vitaliy Skotsyk is a “little thing” that screams, sensing the loss of the bread place

The fool is always simple. The fool knows how to win a war or build to once or twice a thriving economy. And all because a fool never demand. He knows, because he’s never responsible for anything, says a leading program “good evening” Igor Lesev.

“This was a bad principle built now a Ukrainian politician. Simple and uniform explanation of any failure and fiasco. And of course with the Russian trace”, — says Igor.

Russia have taken the Crimea. Expert Lesew sure that this is already enough to consider it a state hostile to Ukraine. But if somewhere in the Poltava region, the farmer press harvest, we here find a Russian trace. Because it’s so convenient.

“Today in UNIAN Vitaly Skotsyk hysteria and wailing. If anyone knows, Vitaliy Skotsyk is the same little man, who zasrali the whole of Ukraine their boards “Hours to grow”.And here Skotsyk has grown to the point that he want to take the Agrarian party. Want to take in his version. According to his opponents, boring and unsaleable character they want to replace someone more interesting”, — says the expert.

According to Leseva, it is a trivial story about internal bickering in the Agrarian party, in which he is interested Skotsyk. Especially when you consider that Skotsyk is a project of the Bank, and his figure Finance large agricultural holdings.

However, Skotsyk decided to raise its own weight to throw the d*RMA on the fan and stated that his resignation supposedly prepares the Kremlin. But the implementation process has been the analyst Volodymyr Granovsky, who Skotsyk personally invited to the headquarters.

“And Granovsky, it turns out, people Medvedchuk. This is the second rule in Ukrainian politics. I want someone to fuck, tell him he is a man of Medvedchuk”, — said Lesiw.

According to the expert, Medvedchuk the leader of the party was not enough, and he decided to bring Tymoshenko. Skotsyk says that Granovsky, he was advised by Michael Pozhivanov, which, in turn, worked for the “Fatherland.”

“That’s it. The circle is closed. The Kremlin – Medvedchuk – Granovsky – Pozhivanov – Tymoshenko. And if you take away all those pads, the removal Skotsyk is preparing Putin personally. It should be obvious to any decent schizophrenic” — ironically Lesew.

The expert is sure that Skotsyk is a “little thing” that screams, sensing the loss of the place of bread. Land landowners, which contain Skotsyk, it is important that he not only personally ate, but somehow promoted the party. Boring and unknown Skotsyk this promotion does not provide. So will someone else in his place and the group won’t notice loss of the fighter.

According to the expert, in this situation, all the names are good. But if the task is to push the party in Parliament, and her leader name Skotsyk is already worth more than that. Because Skotsyk. Very strange that the same political consultant that Skolko Granovsky explained.

“Good-bye, and I hope we will come good evening,” concluded Lesew.

Recall that students are fleeing EN masse to the University of the father of Ukrainian corruption Kivalov.

As reported Politeka, the leader of the Agrarian party Skotsyk have already booked their place in the new government, in the course of going big money

Also Politeka wrote that Vitaliy Skotsyk — agrarian market of Ukraine with a very dubious past

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