The fourth brace

The fourth brace

Reuters found out about OPEC’s willingness to tolerate low oil prices for Russia

Russia in reality, there are only four ties:

— President, who represented to the Russians the Supreme power and order;

the Church, which represents the major religion in Russia;

the army, which the Russians hope in the event of external aggression;

— oil and gas, which keep the government afloat and allow you to put in the list of Forbes “best” of the worst sons of the Fatherland.

All these ties (especially write that word without quotation marks, because, not being funny, but is determined important for some Russians the concept) do not behave constantly, chaotically, but the fourth brace is the Foundation of the entire economy! And if she “leaks”… expect big trouble for the state.

Agency sources reported that Russia’s demand to cut production by 300 thousand barrels./day, but only agree with half the reduction. If agreement is not forthcoming, the transaction may be delayed

Someone able to explain to Putin and his Kremlin friends that if you decided to fight alone with all the World, that hold in their hands the elastic from your panties may explode at the wrong moment and expose a flabby nature?!

Or are they already all don’t give a fuck and they went in a complete separation? And decided to tear the clothes up to the ass?

“Russia is a tough game,” said one of them.

According to Russian sources, Reuters, Russia seek to reduce daily crude oil production to 250-300 thousand barrels, however, Moscow agreed to reduce its maximum of 140 thousand barrels.

“As long as these basic criteria are not met, OPEC can tolerate lower oil prices for some time if the decision to cut [production] will be delayed for a month or two,” explained one of the sources.

How much in Russia of not installed gas settlements of human habitation? (Rhetorical question, only for context)

But the Kremlin is fighting like a lion for the price of gas/oil on the world stage! Here, he would be about its citizens preoccupied… But still no time, everything distracting…

The Kremlin is playing “voynushki” and “Imperial.” The Kremlin has turned Russia into an outcast ( and it’s not just a figure of speech, this is a real statement of fact).

Pochereth once great science — what kind of bastard you need to be! — to put idiots “ragozini” supervise the areas in which they do not have even a weak performance.

To give one(!) Sechin guide the strategic potential of the country! — and then to wonder — what expensive gasoline, impoverished budget, and Sechin is riding on his new yacht…

I do not even mention provincial degradation, where people suddenly appeared in the 17th century, and where they sell them along with their belongings and their guts… And these stories ohuuuuu.

No money, but with a similar policy, they soon all evaporate out of the Russian economy, but you hold…

Rejoice — that, though fallen trees allowed you to collect for free. If you are satisfied with such a world order in your country?..

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