The history of the state of the Aryan (Part 2)

The history of the state of the Aryan (Part 2)

In the beginning there was nothing, no ice cream “Plombir”, no sausages for 2.10, no toilet paper, no Lenin. There was nothing at all.

It is believed that following this, there was a Big Bang, but who brought this to the RDX disguised as sugar – no one knows, but there was nothing, there was no-one.

After the explosion, there is still less than it was before, but there was Aria. Rather, most of the arias, which gave life to all the drinking and things.

At different times, in different places and among different peoples, this legendary figure is known under their own names. Someone called him Abraham, someone Arseniy, some called him Arjuna, but the Muscovy are sure that it shut Armen Gudauta or simply as “Ara”.

Hence the name of the people who possessed the secret knowledge of the conversion of Shoe cream in alcohol for the bread, the ability to calculate the radius of the circle holes in the toilet and the depth of her own pit latrines, they’ve been known to pocket the sacraments of nuclear weapons, the Trouser snake and pornohub.

In General, Aria could drive “dumb” and brew just out of the blue.

And then one day, Arius gathered his people and told him to stock up on food and everything necessary for a long and dangerous journey. Because he was an authority in the law, no one dared to clarify the purpose of the campaign, but when everyone gathered in the clearing, he told them everything.

Had to go to forty years duration in the surrounding marshes. Ara said that can not tell the details, but during the campaign they have to crush certain number of frogs and only then will it be lilac tablets, which will be written what to do next.

And so they did. Collected products and the most valuable, after which Arias took them into the Everglades, despite the desperate howl of the hound of the Baskervilles. People are not very frightened, because no one about it have not read.

So they went to the heart of the marshes and to the end of the day, camped in the middle of the quagmire.

In the morning, when they woke up they saw that Arius was gone. Instead was a note following the sacred as follows: “Went to Valhalla, I’m coming, and you go and kill the frogs”.

And below, apparently it was assigned: “no Money but you stay there”.

And indeed, it turned out that along with Aryan money is missing, all the valuable food.

But the people did not despair and went on his forty-year distance. Someone remembered the riddle about the pilot Meresyev: “crawling-crawling, eat a lump and then creeps”. And indeed, soon they found some wild and cones, mushrooms and great herbs.

In General, forty years have flown by imperceptibly, and here they found a purple tablet.

Her top was written “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, and below is the list of enemies to hate. The inscription on it is constantly changing places, in the front row were Ukraine, NATO, USA. They figured out quickly, but then decided to see what was written on the back and found: the search for oil and gas, otherwise the pipe…

The inscription was not over, but someone suddenly realized that meant, “otherwise the pipe will remain empty.”

Where were the tablets was found, the city was built Arkaim in the form of a circle. As we already know, they were experts in circles, because the city was built round. In the main square was built monument to the legendary personalities – Armen Gudauta and his friend Alexander Dugin.

They were both carved with lion hair and strong beards. But the names of their idols could not utter vain, but because the signature on the monument was a picture of another: “Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels”.

Once finished with the construction of the city began to perform the covenants of his ancestor.

First found and defeated the hordes of the crusaders in the lake Peipsi. It was so much that the ice broke and they fell through the ice. Thousands of knights on armored horses and in ancient tanks went to the bottom, but the bottom broke and they plunged even deeper, breaking the crust went to the mantle of the earth. Because no one could find traces of them.

Later, when it built a new city – Moscow, the enemies become more and life returned to normal. First defeated the vast hordes of hordes at Kulikovo field and drove them to Berlin, then did the same with Napoleon and also drove him to Berlin, after some time, again went to Berlin, and even now dream of it again.

But knowledge does not spend on drink and Aryan roots made themselves known. At a time that fell between the extermination of the hordes of enemies, the heirs of the Aryans invented many of the right things such as: the wheel, steam engine, telephone, mobile phone (ioptron), rocket and crayfish themselves, a refrigerator, a vacuum cleaner and chess.

But the main thing – not it. They have studied in detail the tablets and was really hoping Ara Gudauta finally come back and lead God’s chosen people.

I must say that not everything went as smoothly as I would like.

Once they thought that he came back and joy was not the limit, but as it turned out, it was not Ara, and Tiflis Koba. In appearance and action – a true Ara, but not him.

And it has happened. Twenty years ago he came back. No matter under which name it was again, the important thing. He knew the full text of the Tablets and enemies listed, even those who do not fit in the sacred texts.

In addition, he explained the sacred meaning of that part of the text about the pipe that was written on the back of the Tablets.

And most importantly – he is clearly the essence of the highest order, because it is people in different forms, more like Buryat, Udmurt simple, but it is still someone.

In any case, life is better and definitely more fun.

Now, finding your sacred leader, Aria is preparing to enter the world of eternal happiness, where they may spend only a legendary leader of the Ara.

It needs to conduct through the circumference of the points of the Loo at the bottom of the sump – the most primordial and sacred symbol of the Aryans. There, at the bottom, and is the entrance to their Valhala where they will eventually become gods.

The above version of the history of Muscovy is not better but not worse than they are now, but shows their Aryan origin, and most importantly — short and in fact, without the tedious rassusolivanie about the 28 Panfilov and other nonsense.

In General, if they put it in their books, the author won’t sue them for plagiarism. Not sorry.


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