The interior Minister named the former head of the SSES of the unworthy officer and stated that he will not lead the Service on the basis of legal decisions.

Bochkov failed to get into the workplace after a decision of the court / photo UNIAN

In law enforcement knows the methods of combating manipulation, conducted by the former Chairman of the State service of Ukraine on emergency situations Sergey Bochkovsky in the courts for the purpose of reinstatement.

As UNIAN correspondent, this was stated by the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov during the briefing in Kiev.

So, on a question of journalists why Bochkov and has not been reinstated, despite the decision of the Kyiv administrative court of appeal, Avakov said: “Bochkovsky unworthy of an officer, and he is not worthy to lead the Service. He’s not going to lead it on the basis of legal decisions. Such relevant decisions adopted by the Cabinet. They – lawful. Those manipulations, which he does in the courts, we know how to deal with them. He will not be in gschs.”

As UNIAN reported earlier, on August 7, Kyiv administrative court of appeals partly granted the appeal of the Cabinet of Ministers on the decision of District administrative court of Kiev on the restoration Bochkovsky Chairman of the state emergency service. The court upheld the trial court’s decision on the restoration Bochkovsky Chairman of the SSES, while putting the specific amount that he must pay as a salary for the forced absence from 25 Mar 2015 to 26 April 2018 – more than 546 thousand UAH.

Read takuaikan promised that the detainee live Bochkov not reinstated as the head of gschs

On 9 August the Ministry of internal Affairs said they plan to appeal this decision to the Supreme court.

Lawyer Bochkov said that the decision to restore his client in the post comes into force from the date of its publication (7 August 2018), despite the fact that the Cabinet may submit an appeal to the Supreme court.

Reference to UNIAN. Bochkov and his former first Deputy Vasily Stoyetsky detained March 25, 2015 meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers. On the same day the government released them from their posts. Both were charged with criminal organization schemes for the purchase of fuel from private companies at inflated prices. According to militiamen, eks-officials have caused to the state damage for the sum more than $ 6.6 million.

26 April 2018 the District administrative court of Kiev restored Bochkovsky as head of gschs. The next day Bochkov, accompanied by a lawyer came to the building of the SSES, but was not able to get into the workplace. The representative of the personnel management Department said that the Bochkov allowed to perform their duties only after an appropriate decision of the government. The lawyer insisted that the court decision comes into force from the moment of its promulgation, and therefore the Agency needs to put Bochkov to work.

August 16, after the decision of the Kyiv appeal administrative court Bochkov second time were not allowed in the office of the Chairman of gschs. The Director of the Department of personnel of the Department said Bochkov and his lawyer that none rasporediti

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