The Kurds support the Syrian army’s offensive, if it will help them to return Afrin


Co-chair of the Executive body of the movement “For democratic society” Aldar Khalil, said on air of local TV channel Rudaw that Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria is ready to participate in any military operation Syrian Arab army in Idlib province, if this will bring them closer to the return of the Canton of Afrin.

One of the steps to liberation Afrin is that we should exert pressure on Turkey in order to force them to withdraw completely from the territory of Syria. It is necessary to expel them by any means, whether diplomatic efforts or military operations, said Khalil told reporters.

Movement “For a democratic society” consists of a number of Kurdish parties in the North-East of the country, together they lead the “Syrian democratic Council”, which in turn is the political wing of the US-backed “Syrian democratic forces”.

Several hours later, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad made an official statement, saying that the next target of the armed forces SAR will be radical groups in Idlib.

Now our main goal is to Idlib, but there are other areas in Eastern Syria controlled by the armed groups.

A few months ago, he urged the Kurdish enterprises to cooperate, however, then the parties have not found common language and the negotiations came to nothing.

Certainly help the Kurdish forces in the offensive of the government army in the Idlib will be very useful for the latter. Together the two military forces will be much easier to break the resistance of terrorists and secure the release of the rebel province.

Another question is whether the leaders of those parties agree, so as to pursue quite different interests.

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