The meeting between the two heads of state will be held August 18

According to replyua.net August 18 will be held the official meeting between the two heads of state Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin. According to the available information the meeting will take place at the castle Meseberg, who belongs to Vladimir Putin.

Before you hold the conversation will be followed by a press conference. Plan to discuss problems that are acute in politics and the world today. Among those topics: the conflict in Syria and the intervention of the States in its current foreign policy issues. In addition, will discuss Ukrainian question. Adherence to the “Minsk agreements”, the use of weapons in the Donbas and the presence of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine.

Earlier the German Chancellor have discussed with Vladimir Putin the various international issues that are somehow related to their countries. At that meeting, Merkel and Putin also discussed Syria, Iran and Ukraine. On account of sanctions, the Chancellor is unwavering. The position of the European countries is clear: while Russia will be the aggressor, to political manipulation and does not adhere to international law, sanctions will continue.

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