The Ministry of economic development acknowledged the requirements of the “law of Spring” impossible

The Ministry of economic development acknowledged the requirements of the “law of Spring” impossible

The Ministry of economic development submitted a negative conclusion on the prepared Ministry of communications rules data storage for ISPs, under which entered into force on July 1, “the law of Spring”. Document published on the portal of projects of normative acts.

In particular, the Ministry of economic development found in the rules of contradictions with the current legislation; in addition, the requirements in the law to software and hardware, is impossible or complicated, said the Agency.

The document States that on 26 July, the Agency held a meeting with the participation of the Ombudsman under the RF President on protection of the rights of entrepreneurs in the Internet sector, the expert Council of the Ministry, representatives of the Russian Association for electronic communications (RAEC), Association of entrepreneurs “Business Russia” and the companies “Yandex”, PJSC “MTS” and JSC “AMT GROUP”.

Following the discussion of rules of storage of data on “Spring law” in addition to the contradictions legislation the participants noted the significant costs of hardware and software and technical tools.

According to the “law of Spring”, customer information must be stored at least in duplicate. In conclusion, the Agency stated that to meet this requirement, two major Internet companies — Yandex and Mail.ru Group — will have a lump sum to spend on the purchase of hardware and software 8.8 billion rubles.

“Also, according to estimations of participants of the public consultations, amortization and increase in traffic will lead to periodic (annual) costs at least one billion rubles,” — said in conclusion.

The Ministry of economic development recommended that the Ministry of communications to change the rules so companies could use the existing repository and not to create a separate backup. In addition, the economic Agency urged the Ministry digital development, communications and mass media to distinguish between requirements for software and hardware for large and small Internet companies.

July 1, entered into force anti-terrorist amendments, known as the “law of Spring”. They oblige the operators and organizers of information dissemination in the Internet to store all types of user communications for six months. Telecom operators have already considered the costs of compliance with the requirements of this act for five years.

So, “the Megaphone” has estimated cost of 40 billion rubles, VimpelCom — 45 billion rubles, MTS — 60 billion.

One of the authors of the initiative — the Deputy of the state Duma from the party “United Russia” Irina Yarovaya. She is still at the discussion stage of the bill defended the most rigid of his edition, despite the remark made in the commercial sector that need to purchase huge numbers of hard drives to just ruin these companies or they will be forced to impose very heavy for its subscribers tariffs for mobile communications.

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