The Moscow Patriarchate intimidates the congregation: dissenters in the Church is not the place

In the Moscow Patriarchate explained that waiting for the dead, “Raskolnikov”: the funeral may not be considered

Metropolitan Onufry said that the UOC-MP is not the burial service “improperly baptized people” or as he called them “schismatics”, but there can be exceptions, writes Khvylya.

This Onuphrius told an interview with “Shepherd and flock”, reports “Capital Evangelist”.

“Regarding the funeral of those who were baptized by schismatics, the answer is clear: who is baptised in a canonical Church — and he expressed his desire to be inveterate in the Church. And if someone is baptized in schism, that he thereby expressed a desire to be there and off in the last journey. We do not otpaivaem schismatics, because they do not want to violate the freedom of their choice,” he said.

However, Metropolitan Onufry said that if the priest will find the arguments why the deceased was baptized in the Kyivan Patriarchate, which he called the “weakness of man”, then he is entitled with the Bishop’s blessing to bury such a person.

As reported before, the Kremlin made it clear that there is no UOC-MP, but only the Orthodox Church, which to this day in every way disguised

As reported, Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk, that all changed after a meeting of the Federation Council of Russia, which Putin discussed with senior officials the granting of Constantinople for autocephaly of the UOC.

“There can be no UOC-Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine. There is only the Russian Orthodox Church, which in every way disguised. She did that and “little green men” in Crimea. And most recently, the Kremlin gave its meeting of the Federation Council,” — he writes.

According to him, the meeting, which reflected on the position of the ROC in Ukraine, the concept of “UOC-MP” is not even mentioned.

“Statements about the Russian Orthodox Church remind Putin’s words — “we never hid” when he was thinking about the military occupation of Ukrainian Crimea, the TV channel after carrying out the annexation. Since then, in Russia, no one hides behind the expression “self-defense forces” and “bought in Voentorg”, but the Deputy head of the OSCE Alexander hug,” — said Tsymbalyuk.

“We need to call things by their names: of the UOC-MP should be renamed to the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine, but rather in the Russian PTS, so as not to confuse believers, and not to confuse the approaches to Paradise,” sarcastically said the journalist.

We will remind, the Moscow Patriarchate is cheating his parishioners, speaking of the raider seizure of churches of the UOC-MP.

As reported Politeka, Metropolitan of the UOC MP announced the submission to Constantinople, the decision on the conscience of everyone.

Also Politeka wrote about the major scandals of the UOC-MP in Ukraine from a visa ban to the blessing of the militants.

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