The only Russian space telescope does not communicate

The only Russian space telescope does not communicate

Professionals with 10 Jan are unable to establish a connection and to transmit commands only the Russian space telescope “Radioastron”, said the scientific head of the project Yuri Kovalev, says N+1.

“On the programme of work communications with the satellite take place every three days.

Problems arose during the session, which was held from nine until 12 in the morning on Thursday. It was during this session failed to turn the transmitter on Board. That is, Thursday morning we have no telemetry information from the unit,” – said Kovalev.

The scientist noted that there were 4 unsuccessful attempts to get in touch with him.

According to him, the first command which is transmitted during sessions of the management command to enable the transmitter. This team never got over it.

However, indirect signs indicate that the energy on Board the satellite is, and his scientific apparatus works, said Kovalev.

The radio telescope “Radioastron” 10m antenna is the largest in history. He has been working in orbit since 2011 and have expired on the originally designated service life.

Its main task is monitoring of active galactic nuclei, pulsars, quasars, and interstellar gas clouds. Telescope to date is the only Russian scientific spacecraft.

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