The OSCE is powerless: Volker told that Russia is doing in Donbass

KURT Volker told why the OSCE mission is powerless in the Donbass

The special representative of the US state Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker commented on the video of the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE about how a convoy of trucks in the night, entering the territory of Eastern Ukraine with Russia and leave Ukraine in a place where there are no border checkpoints.

“This is another way in which Russia deliberately continues the conflict and supports the fighting in the East of Ukraine, despite international efforts to establish peace in Ukraine,” wrote Walker on his page on Twitter.

Here is footage from @OSCE_SMM of convoys of trucks illegally entering and exiting Ukraine from Russia. As a reminder, Russia has blocked an effective border monitoring mission and its forces routinely prevent the SMM from visiting the border. https://t.co/uXC1D6qmCK

— Kurt Volker (@SpecRepUkraine) 11 Aug 2018

In addition, Kurt Volker stressed that Russia blocks monitoring of the borders and hinders the work of the OSCE.

“Here’s a video of the OSCE observation mission, which shows how the convoys of trucks moving illegally between Ukraine and Russia. Recall that Russia blocked effective monitoring of the border and its forces constantly prevent the SMM visits to the border,” wrote Walker.

As seen in the video, which obnarodovano evening of August 10, one convoy of seven trucks on a dirt road away from the crossing points into the territory of Ukraine. After a few minutes, another similar column with “KAMAZ” and “UAZ” crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border, leaving outside the government’s control of the territory of Donbass.

Earlier it was reported that hundreds of tons of Russian weapons and ammunition, not counting armored vehicles, secretly imported to Ukraine.

Russia in the last week has strengthened the transfer of weapons and ammunition to the terrorists. In particular, it is observed in the “gray” area on the demarcation line.

“The SMM observers are forced to admit that, using the so-called “truce”, the occupying forces not only with impunity, are building strongholds in the “gray” areas, but also deliver on the occupied territory the new trains and the trucks with weapons and ammunition,” — said the headquarters of OOS.

So, on August 7 the drone of the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE found a convoy of trucks which entered Ukraine from Russia, using the uncontrolled part of the border. The vehicles moving on unpaved roads in an area where there’s transmission. 12 trucks “KAMAZ-4310” tented with the cargo Bay moved West in 62 kilometers from Donetsk.

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In the night of 8 August, found a convoy of 15 trucks of military type, and 6 BRDM 59 km from Lugansk.

In the Western direction was moving another column, SUV, 6-sided KAMAZ trucks and one van.

Recall that there are details about the true intentions of the Kremlin in Ukraine.

As reported Politeka, Russia is preparing an attack from the sea: Putin is playing a dangerous game and a distraction.

Also Politeka wrote that the militants are unable to recover after a crushing victory of the APU.

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