The poles called the conflict in the sea of Azov the main event last year

Polish citizens believe that the conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine in the Azov sea is the most important international event in 2018. Writes replyua.net referring to the “New Time”.

This became known thanks to the survey, which was conducted by the Center for the study of public opinion in Poland at the end of December last year. So, six percent of Polish citizens believe that the events in the Kerch Strait are very important and momentous for the world community. Also to high-profile international events Polish citizens ranked the aggressive foreign policy of the Russian Federation, the agreement of the United States of America with North Korea, holding the climate summit in Katowice and exit of great Britain from the European Union. It is worth noting that the most important event for the poles at the level of their state was the celebration of the centenary of the renewal of the independence of their country.

Recall that in late November last year, the Russian Federation has once again showed aggression towards Ukraine in the Kerch Strait. Russian military seized Ukrainian ships and their crews. Now in Russia there are twenty-four Ukrainian sailors. Twenty-two of them have already acknowledged themselves prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention.

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