The Polish government, staging a war of historical memory, spoiled relations not only with Ukraine.

Hrytsak spoke about current relations between Warsaw and Kyiv / photo by UNIAN

The current relationship between Poland and Ukraine can not be called otherwise than a cold peace. They are dominated by things of the past. Of course, in such cases the blame for everything, says Yaroslav Hrytsak, historian, Professor of the Ukrainian Catholic University, member Nestorovski group.

But the current Polish government, of course, screwed up more, the words Gritsak “New time”.

As evidence, the historian cited the argument that the Polish government, staging a war of historical memory, spoiled relations not only with Ukraine, but also Germany, Israel, USA.

Read takeachance marched in the Polish city of Przemysl – they met antibanderovskie banner (photo)

“The Polish authorities have released the Genie from the bottle mass of national egoism, which is now difficult to put back. Public leaders and intellectuals too are not without sin. We were silent or weakly protested against Ukrainian law of historical memory. In fact, so want to catch up on such shares, as the renaming of the Lviv area in the area of Jacek Kuron. Our Polish colleagues are trying to do the same. In Warsaw is the area of Vasyl Stus, Wroclaw appeared ulitsa Generala Bezpalko. Yes, such actions are symbolic. But symbols cannot be neglected. They are needed when the pragmatist stops working or is harmful,” says the Professor of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

Hrytsak said that, firstly, it is impossible to allow the government to obtain a monopoly on such matters. Civil society should from time to time to do something does not make power.

“Secondly, there is no perfect reconciliation. There is always someone who will try to ruin it. Finally, reconciliation does not need to appeal to the ideologies and pronounce big words. Need ordinary human history,” – summed up the historian.

The full text of the article is available in the latest issue of the magazine “New country” of 27 June 2018

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