The politician stressed that the question on increase of tariffs can not go until you have raised social standards.

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The current government has destroyed the industry, destroyed the country and brought the people to poverty, said the Chairman of the Socialist party of Ukraine Ilya Kiva in the chamber, “Stop the genocide” against the increase of tariffs and unjustified failure to pay subsidies in Chernigov.

About it reports a press-service SPA on the official website.

“The country is destroyed, torn apart and collapsed. Today the people of Ukraine are divided by language and by religion. On their land, we no longer feel people. We ride roughshod over”, he said.

The politician stressed that the current government and all previous presidents are guilty in this situation and should be held accountable for it.

“We had bread, earth, future. All this was taken away from us, calling it “reform,” “improvement of life”. Today, the government is sucking the last money of the people, unreasonably raising prices, including for gas”, – said the head of the socialist party.

He also added that the question on increase of tariffs can not go until the country will not be raised by social standards.

According to him, Ukraine needs law and order to the country’s revival. Also, you need to break off relations with the IMF, which are driving the country into debt slavery, to nationalize strategic assets and to introduce a fair system of punishment.

“Today the giant plants that provide life of the cities, filled the country’s budget, “feed” certain oligarchs. Nationalization of strategic facilities, will enable us rightly dispose of natural resources and set appropriate rates,” said I. Kiva.

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