The President acknowledged that “the tentacles of Moscow” is very strongly penetrated into the social network.

Petro Poroshenko expects that Russia will try to intervene in the Ukrainian elections / REUTERS

Russia is preparing for a powerful manipulative campaign to influence the election in Ukraine, the US and the EU, said President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

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As reported on the website of the President, during a meeting of the heads of foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine, the head of state stressed that now is one of the most critical periods – the democratic world is entering a new electoral cycle.

In November, elections will be held in the United States, updating Agroinstitute in 2019; the approaching election campaign in Ukraine.

“Already, leading IT companies record the creation of thousands, tens of thousands of fake accounts with Russian roots. Russia is preparing for a powerful new manipulative campaign – fake news, to undermine stability,” said Poroshenko.

“And I have no doubt that Moscow will not miss any opportunity to discredit our achievements, to sow distrust among the citizens in the future and weariness of the European choice. Must be ready to fight back. Although this is not a simple task”, – he stressed.

The President recalled that Russia is already well filled his hand against other countries, in particular during the Dutch referendum on the ratification of the Association agreement, a referendum on Brexit.

“The tentacles of Moscow is very strongly penetrated into social networks, keep private media, is in cyberspace. The Kremlin is skillfully covers his Subversion of democratic values and principles. Now have to find ways to cooperate with other States and to coordinate efforts to develop a reliable mechanism for preventing interference in the electoral process and ensuring free will of our citizens,” – said the President.

The President urged special attention to countries that already have relevant experience. In particular, he drew attention to the experience of Paris and Berlin.

We will remind, investigation of a massive attack of the Russian “Troll factory” in social networks to Italian President Sergio Mattarella will be entrusted to the specialists in the fight against terrorism.

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