The Putin’s move through the frame

The Putin’s move through the frame

While Vladimir Putin rang with the good approach on the detectors of the East Asia summit in Singapore, America started mass repressions, and Ukraine bowed down to the CIA and all were frozen without Russian gutoski.

Advanced charts St. Dimitry Firtash, through which the payments residents Brave for heating has gone (and maybe not gone, but is partly or entirely pulled off somewhere along the way, but in the end still have come to the right place) on the noble famous election case of the opposition platform “Hop, musorok” “OP For life”, inflated in the Russian press and some jubailah, but talkative heads on the Ukrainian side curb global all-Ukrainian Holodomor, has not been equal in world history.

Not being able to pay the oligarchic gas oligarch Poroshenko at the behest of the IMF, the citizens of Ukraine to sell the apartments to the oligarch Poroshenko and go to block roads across the country, where and freeze in agony from lack of money to match.

Kiev is covered with frost, and the administration building of the oligarch Poroshenko was steaming hot, and so the President is hot-heated, that he is sitting in the office stuck in some sweat shorts and, occasionally patting yourself on the back with birch branches, smiling, looking through the window at the crowd of ice-covered Kiev who came to warm their children from the only survivor in the country of heating.

Nobody rides on the Maidan, Parubiy stupid one, but what to take with him, he succeeded. Gone from Ukraine, Russian gassco, and smartlist / Shoushi in one lump, and peck his crafty tit, and bullfinch Russian look at them with reproach.

But few oligarch Poroshenko grief of the people. He contemplated and did a thing fierce – lime under the root of the Russian Church to poklonyalis Ukrainians only CIA agent and his overseas – Turkish Patriarch Bartholomew Effendi, Pasha Polovtsian, chock-basurmanin.

To do this, all the cardinals Russians led by supernatural Onuphrii this week was the bells “at a meeting with the President” in a Satanic home in the eyes of international observers named Ukrainian.

But the wise father knew that the only Ukrainian, which is in Ukraine, is the Russian Church, it is called Ukrainian, and everything else came up with the Ukrainian cunning.

Because Onufry understood that instead of Poroshenko will meet his dyavolskoe abode Right sector and battalion “Azov”, strung on the spit of thorns through populise imperishable and will fry the glory of Perun at the temple in the foyer between the banquettes.

Not sorry for myself was Onufry – sorry for the comrades in the service. Realizing that time is of the essence, he did not begin them to explain the obvious, and lured to the monastery alleged meeting with Poroshenko, and locked it for their own good.

They say that in the hall they were waiting for good fellows with Dubya and the sailor Zheleznyakov, who first fired at the ceiling Mauser, called the came counter, distributed to particularly needy zubotychiny and collected signatures on the suspension of the Eucharistic communion with Constantinople.

On the one hand, arguing in the Church, did some stavropigiyska wholost, because the Moscow Patriarchate had broken with Bartholomew Effendi all that is necessary, but on the other, every Russian person knows that the more to tell the enemy that you’re no longer my friend, take your toys and so on, the faster the enemy will appreciate your good approach.

In addition, in parallel with the sounded of the monastery, a statement of the Council of bishops on “Russia Today” there was a mysterious leak supposedly from “circles close to Fanaru” that Filaret is a simple goof, and in fact, Bartholomew is going to give the Tomos of autocephaly, Metropolitan of the UOC-MP Onufry.

Despite the obviousness of the fact that the aforesaid leakage, most likely, was sucked conditional conditional Petrov agent finger agent Bashirova (although why these half-measures, would have immediately Tomos of Patriarch Kirill), in the light of the Eucharistic unprovoked curse Onufry address Constantinople may look like a kind of preventive measure on the part of Moscow – well, just in case, suddenly the truth.

They say that Poroshenko is in all that much screaming at Onuphrius on the phone; in the other ear Onufry, however, cried Cyril, the father Onufry habitually went to Zen and imagined how one day, bypassing lake Onega, find naked Olga, and irresponsible Ukrainians are biting their elbows because of the fact that during the Council of bishops of the MP did not manage to prop up outside the door of the monastery log, pour gasoline and to set fire to: Lavra then it would be possible to restore, and how much good it would be!

While the unfolding of these dramatic events in Moscow of the American prisons returned to the famous journalist Malkevich, caught by the FBI for interfering in local elections.

In the United States Malkevich tried “to talk to ordinary Americans about what is happening around them”, while not zadolbali. “This is reminiscent of Soviet times, when Soviet citizens about a lot of things was whispered only in the kitchen – told Malkevich. – And this is now happening in the USA, where a normal educated people are afraid that they will flip.

Washington dart “funnel” Guantanamo Bay crowded with Indians, in new York, mass executions of intellectuals, white people denounced and taken to the shelters on the plantation, and the Negroes sitting commissioners, and girls of theirs are in the office.

Trump returned from Paris upset, shouted at Mei, repressed Makron, was angry that he was not allowed to enjoy Putin recalled every touch of the small silicone hands.

Russian journalists, painted the current success of Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the ASEAN summit in Singapore, a scene in Paris too, were not going out of my head. “Seeing the Vice President of the US Michael Pence, Putin patted him on the shoulder, in response, the representative of the United States showed the thumb.

Recall that the same gesture in France used the meeting with Putin and U.S. President Donald trump”, – write rossm. Actually, no thumb Pens Putin not shown, but simply straightened his tie, and “the same gesture” used in France is not a trump, and Putin himself, but what’s the difference when Vladimir Putin admires today in the kitchens of all of America.

In this regard, especially notable is the famous Putin’s move through the frame. Not only that, Vladimir Vladimirovich was late in Singapore, and the local Prime Minister did not wait for him, canceled the meeting and left, so on arrival at the local shopping centre to the Russian President and ran through the metal detector, so that it rang some zelezetskii.

Inspired wastewater Putin journalist Kolesnikov immediately imagined, as Putin has repeatedly paraproktit frame, take turns laying on the tray secret cell phone, keys, cello stock, then dvadtsatimillimetrovym springs in the heels, a bunch of spinners in the condom, then he already removed his pants and check special long probe all the holes in the body, and it still stops ringing!

Because it’s ringing, why is that attitude to Vladimir Putin in the world. Because of steel” choking teenage enthusiasm, sums up Andrey Kolesnikov. Obviously, he is referring to the contents of the scrotum Putin, but hesitate to write the word.

Yes, without a doubt, this word is a good approach.

Later, however, some fool has predicted that now, after the passage of the frame, Putin will die.

The next day the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov denied that Putin through the frame. However, whatever it was, the presence of vyalichiya Vladimir Putin, even at the very least, not be questioned.

In the end, how evil tongues say, that is what it States and keep Putin are just squeezing too slowly.

On the one hand, it is certainly a shame, but here’s as you like

Basil Rybnikov

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