The Russians will be more difficult to get to Ukraine: Ordinary visa will not help

Ukraine may impose special conditions for the entry of Russians into its territory

This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin. He said that the possibility of the introduction of biometric visas for Russian citizens in the future. According to the Minister, biometric control at border crossing points with Russia would be an effective measure.

“We are creating a data Bank, we understand that there may be manipulation, as you can see, a well-known history of poisoning Skipala — identity change, etc If there is biometric data, we know what kind of people are we talking about, and just document change will not help”, — said Klimkin.

He added that for entry into Ukraine, the Russians will also have to provide a preliminary inquiry or, as a minimum advance notification that they were going to Ukraine.

“It is possible that we need to look at their movement on the territory of Ukraine”, — said the Minister.

He said that at the moment such control of the movements of the Russians on the territory of Ukraine “is partial”, namely, “for the part of the persons against whom there are suspicions”.

“But the track is all, of course, quite difficult. But in the long term, how will it work, you need to analyze. Common visas with Russia won’t help us. Then if it’s not effectively, you will need to think about the introduction of biometric visas,” — concluded the Minister.

Earlier it was reported that the EU began to let Crimean residents with Russian passports. So, residents of the annexed Crimea Natalia Kushnarenko and Mikhail Careful with Russian passports issued by Finnish tourist visa and allowed to enter the country by mistake.

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“It seems to me that these citizens first allowed to Finland on a tourist visa via the human factor: every year, the consulates in Saint Petersburg give up to one million Schengen visas. Legislation prohibiting the issuing of visas to such persons, of course, is just the good will of the member countries of the European Union in response to the appeal of the Ukrainian side”, — said Ukraine’s Ambassador to Finland Andriy Olefirov.

We will remind, Ukrainians will be difficult to go to their beloved country.

As reported Politeka, the government is preparing to monitor every Russian in Ukraine.

Also Politeka told that Ukrainian journalist ridiculed the Russians for the rest of Europe.

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