The seizure of Putin’s joy: his body language gave head

The seizure of Putin’s joy: his body language gave head

“When we’re talking about seizures of joy, we speak of epileptic States, and not of joyful experiences”

From the lecture of an unknown psychiatrist

In the analysis of the psychological behavior sometimes used the term “congruent”, which means the adequacy of the relative to each other the different parts of something one.

That is, if a man tells you that he is glad to see you, and he stands with his arms folded on his chest and grins unpleasantly — so his behavior is incongruent.

If your colleague leaves the office of the chief reddened with a dumbfounded look, but argues that the meeting was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere — so his behavior nekorrektno.

If a person is sitting all evening alone, useless, and then suddenly he shows endless joy of meeting with only one guest, his behavior also congreate.

In other words, congruence or incongruence behavior is a demonstration of the truth or falsehood. Such incongruent behavior once again showed Vladimir Putin at the meeting of “Big twenty” in Buenos Aires.

And despite the fact that the isolation he has become a stranger, his behavior still causes scientific interest. At least in order to observe non-verbal signals of Putin’s body, which give him head.

So. Psychological analysis of the situation as follows:

The context of the situation:

1. Putin is not the first year is under pressure from colleagues. In other words — he is a victim of bulinga. Of course, he, the role went not just so, but it is not a subject of our material. It is important that he feels the pressure of the environment, and this determines his behaviour.

2. Before going to meet the attacks of the Ukrainian Russian ships in the Kerch Strait, causing the pressure is amplified even more. Frustrated plans and arrangements. It is impossible not to go.

If you have to go to a meeting, to which you have been formally invited, and you are not welcome there, and you know it, and everyone knows about it, and you know that everyone knows it — this usually leads to limiting behavior.

If you are a rabid charismatic, cocky, a lone hero, you will still go and try in spite of everything to become a center of influence. Or at least will behave as if nothing happened.

But there is another option. If you’re shy and insecure, but come to the event still needed, you will to mimic the surrounding environment, to pretend to be occupied exclusively with the contemplation that all this fuss about not very much you are interested in. Even when a colleague of attention which you crave, pointedly walks past without shaking hands with you.

But if suddenly meet in this celebration of the life of this outcast, a kindred spirit, you will begin to show disproportionate to the situation, the signs of mutual sympathy and friendship.

Pat and a hug would be so large and demonstrative that their role will be noticeable to even the naked eye. And it does not matter that before this meeting no special relationship between you was not.

For example:

“Give me five!”: Putin at the G20 summit warmly shook hands with the Saudi Prince the scandalous seizure of joy at Putin’s meeting with crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman is not caused by the inner experience of joy, the inner experience of discomfort, which is necessary to compensate.

And the greater the discomfort, the stronger the demonstrated excitation from the non-existent joy inconsequential meetings.

This behavior can be observed at a school dance in high school, and during the event in a small company, and at the G20 summit with world leaders.

Human nature is unchanged. And behavior of people of high rank in this situation is completely different from the behaviour of petty clerk or student.

The only difference is who you’re the prom king or extras.

And who is Putin, his body language gave head.

Valentin Kim

* * *

Putin is a very strange place

There are on the coast Sochi guest house is very beautiful. Putin his kids gave. And there year-round carry babies cute to Putin they were trained. What is this office? The boarding school? The concentration camp? School? What a headfuck.

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