The son of the Prime Minister after the illegal visit to the Crimea was in Ukraine: Is the Mordor prison, mines, addicts

It became known on the novel of the son of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish, who said that the father forcibly took him to the occupied Crimea, Ukrainian citizen

This week around Andrew Babish Jr. broke this international scandal: suddenly, all the young man said that his father forcibly took him to the occupied Crimea and held on the Peninsula with Russian assistants.

One of these helpers Babish called Peter Protopopov, who presented his version of what happened to the son of a politician. According to him, the Babish Jr. began an affair with the Ukrainian girl from Krivoy Rog.

In the fall of 2017 guy twice visited the Crimea during his visit to Yalta met a Ukrainian who worked on the Peninsula. When she decided to return to Krivoy Rog, Babish Jr. decided to go with her.

“Andy really wanted her to go, and I told him that Krivoy Rog – it is not the promised land, and Mordor is a prison, mines, addicts. But no, he insisted that he wanted to go there. So we took the car and drove,” said Protopopov.

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According to him, in Krivoy Rog, they are Babish Jr. had a fight, which after some time the Russians decided to carry the son of the Prime Minister to Vienna.

Protopopov also categorically denied the statements of Babish Jr. that he was detained in the Crimea by force.

“For two and a half years I gave him my time and it cost me a lot of nerves. But I’m not mad at him, because I know that he is ill,” said the Russian.

Earlier, we reported that the head of the Czech government, which informed his 35-year-old son was accused of that in 2017 he forcibly took him to the occupied Crimea, called it a “manipulation”. According to him, his son is mentally ill and his statement has nothing to do with reality.

“My son is mentally ill. He takes medication and needs to be supervised by his mother in Switzerland,” wrote Babish in his Facebook.

We will remind, the situation in Crimea is critical, Russia is ready for a terrible scenario.

As reported Politeka, Crimeans spoke about the effects of chemical emissions in Armyansk.

Also Politeka wrote that in Crimea, the panic over this new himataki.

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