The Spanish authorities promised to transfer detainees Catalan separatists to prisons closer to home

Spanish authorities said they would allow nine prominent Catalan separatists incarcerated in prisons located in Catalonia, according to the Agency “associated press”.

Press Secretary of the government of Spain Isabel Celaa stated that “the way is clear to translate” prisoners. Earlier, the judge of the separatists, said that he sees no need for the separatists continued to remain in prison near Madrid.

The press Secretary said that the exact time of the transfer of prisoners to other prisons is not yet established.

The Agency notes that such a gesture could be an attempt to improve the “increasingly strained” relations between Madrid and the Catalan leaders.

Spanish media reported that the speech, in particular, on the translation ex-the speaker of the Parliament of Catalonia Carme Forcadell, former representative of the Catalan government Jordi the Turul, a former adviser on domestic Affairs Joaquim Thorne extends and a former adviser labour Dollars the bass.

All nine politicians detained after the referendum on the independence of Catalonia on 1 October. Then the local authorities announced that the majority of voters supported the secession of the autonomy from Spain, the results of the referendum Madrid is not recognized.

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