The summit in Helsinki showed that trump will always put above all the prosperity and security of the United States, said Vice-President of the Pens

Vice-President Mike Pence said that the meeting of the American leader Donald trump with Russian President Vladimir Putin showed the world the desire of D. trump to always put first the interests of the United States.

“Differences between our countries (USA and Russia — Interfax) were discussed comprehensively, and the whole world and the American people saw that President Donald trump will always put the prosperity and security of America in the first place,” said M. Penny, speaking on Monday at the Ministry of Commerce of the United States.

“Today the President trump got what he described as direct, open and productive dialogue with President Putin in Helsinki. And as the President said, it was a constructive day, and that was just the beginning,” he added.

Meanwhile, many U.S. lawmakers criticized the statements of the US President at a press conference with Putin in Helsinki.

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