The Union of Medvedchuk and Rabinovich means that “the opposition bloc” will have nothing to do in the South-East, — Michael Chaplyga

That means the decision of Viktor Medvedchuk to support the party “For Life” analyzes in his blog on Facebook, political analyst and blogger Michael Chaplyga

“First Medvedchuk publicly supported the party, which means he returned to active POLITICAL life. Prior to that, he was in a very strange status. Secondly, he supported the party Rabinovich who rankings sometimes bypasses the Striker and all of the PR (opposition bloc)”, — concludes Chaplyga.

Political expert predicts that Medvedchuk will prove their worth to the voters of the South-East.

“I think that in the near future we will witness a NEW, or rather the second phase (which did not happen) sharing in the East. And the author and guarantor will Medvedchuk … and this time publicly. That will confirm his application business. By revealing the practical steps Medvedchuk is likely to be able to show the South-East of its practicality and efficiency, thus to claim the votes and support”, — predicts Chaplyga.

But in the end, concludes the political expert, in the Ukrainian policy there is a new political Union that becomes so influential player in the South-East, shortly after the Opposition bloc simply won’t stand a chance.

“In fact the new symbiosis Rabinovich and Medvedchuk complements each other and is a very influential player on the field in South-East and on the topic of “Peace”. And I think in certain hands, have nothing to do on the South-East,” concludes Michael Chaplyga.

And yet, concludes Chaplyga, “paired — Rabinovich-Medvedchuk clearly benefit Rabinovich-Medvedchuk”.


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