The Union of sword and ploughshare (Part 2)

The Union of sword and ploughshare (Part 2)

That it will look like the Kerch bridge in the mobile version, and for the same money

But the defense industry is a very narrow area of feeding, by the way, space too. There is a clearly defined circle of persons appointed there for feeding and elbow there is not comme Il faut. Much more fun mastering civil projects.

And now it became known about the launch of such a fun event, which already shows related features with similar projects. First – a few words of prehistory.

Ten years ago, Putin, Medvedev, and Miller, Sechin and operation figures of a smaller caliber, fought in the ecstasy of the mantra that the world’s oil and gas reserves already discovered, and in principle come to an end. If so, then there is a final sampling of hydrocarbons, and more and they will stay smaller, and therefore the price would rise to infinity.

At the same time, the same experts openly mocked the vain attempts of the U.S. to launch a large-scale production of shale oil and gas. Their logic suggests that in the era of exorbitant prices for the same gas, it is possible to reach fields on the shelf of the Northern seas of the Russian Federation.

Already launched projects that were supposed to provide not only production itself, but also the transportation of gas, and we are talking about seas, most of the year the frigid ice. In General, everything was good until, yet States have consistently refused to import oil and gas, and then they themselves began to export both, gradually pressing pieces of the market from classic suppliers.

Laugh in Moscow ceased, but to leave such grandiose projects where it was possible to “learn” any amount, and cattle only “urya!” while shouting that nobody wanted. It is clear that the full scale of moving these ideas was not comme Il faut, but anything is still possible.

In particular, in the far North, it was planned to organize several centers for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and LNG send it to consumers. With the offshore gas had to say goodbye, but the idea is not discarded and are now building it on land, but in the same the Arctic.

This means that the carriers have to be accompanied by icebreakers, since they can pass on their own only in summer.

And then came back to idea of creation of icebreaking fleet, which was tied to the idea of offshore development.

Right now there is a procedure for the approval and launch of the draft nuclear-powered icebreakers, with the provisional name “Peter”, although we’re not sure exactly of the name, perhaps in the Russian source was a typo and it was about the word “Leader”. If so, then the leader in Russia, called Putin, and it is easy to apply both the first and second definition, but because we believe a typo is not significant and does not affect the essence of the matter.

This icebreaker should become a pilot in a series of such, and when the Ministry of economic development has calculated the cost of the project, it came to 70 billion rubles, and the Russian JSC “United shipbuilding Corporation”, which fought for the project, called the minimum value of 80-90 billion rubles, which at once recalled the situation in the Kerch bridge.

But as the ancient wisdom, for a big fish is always a bigger fish. In General, when it became known that he planned construction of a series of icebreakers, came on the scene a shipyard “Zvezda”, which is the subjugation of this serial project.

Doubt it, no one was, because the actual owners of the shipyard are “Rosneft” and “Gazprombank”, or as they say in the old days: “in the arena –all the same.”

It is clear that the project price has risen to 115 billion rubles, and this is only the beginning of the glorious path. There are so many appreciations of the project, only hold. No contract, and his expected until the end of 2019, as not yet resolved some technical issues of the project and he has not yet acquired its final shape. But at this stage the price increases especially rapidly.

In General, the construction of the first icebreaker is to begin in 2020 and the start of work, in the amount of 3.5 billion promises to pay “Rosneft”, and then the state compensates these expenses.

Who would doubt. Will be compensated for these and any other costs. We won’t be surprised if the final value, “Peter” will be equal to the cost of the Kerch bridge, and – there really is a plan to build a series of icebreakers and carry out a gas in the composition of the ice caravans. And this despite the fact that neither the States nor Qatar do not need icebreakers for the same.

However, the Russians love such events and even proud of them, so we will not disturb them.


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