The United States will keep its troops in Syria until then, until the Iranian threat


The United States will maintain its military presence in Syria, while “the Iranian threat will not stop its spread in the middle East”. On July 15, said Advisor to the President of the United States Donald trump, John Bolton.

“I think the President has made it clear that we are there for as long as the self-proclaimed Caliphate of the “Islamic state” continues, and while Iran will threaten the entire Middle East,” Bolton said.

However, statements by the adviser of the President of the United States are not consistent with the March statement trump, who claimed that American troops will leave Syria “seems to be, very soon.”

Meanwhile, units of the US marine corps are still in this middle Eastern country. The greatest number observed on the North and East. Thus, Washington is trying to limit the influence of Russia and Iran in Syria, and also tries to prevent the government from Assad to restore full control over the entire territory.

As a counterweight to Iran, the White house chose Israel, the aircraft which periodically launches rocket attacks on military facilities where Iranian units, and Pro-Iranian formation “, Liwaa al-Quds” and “Hezbollah“.

Bolton also stressed that the Syrian issue will be included in the agenda of the Helsinki summit between President trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. This meeting took place yesterday and the two sides discussed a number of controversial issues. According to the first statements of the leaders of these countries, the United States will not prevent the establishment of control over Damascus, the border area near the Israeli-occupied Golan heights.

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