The US refuses to support the Kurds


The President of the National initiative of Syrian Kurds Omar Oussi said that the meeting in Damascus between the Syrian democratic Council and the government of the country, was a positive step in the right direction. He also added that in light of recent events, there have been indications that Washington refuses to support the Kurds.

“The meeting, which was held in Damascus is a positive step in the right direction. This is the first time when he was declared a serious dialogue between the Syrian democratic Council and the Syrian government,” — said the politician.

Ossi, said that at present, has formed a proper climate in order to “start a dialogue with Damascus and to agree on all issues, especially in the direction that America ignores the problems of Syrian Kurds, as it happened in ‘Afrīn and Manije”.

At the moment this process is observed in the territory East of the Euphrates. Division of public defenders YPG and “Syrian democratic forces” (SDF) claim that the US, as if reluctantly provide the necessary assistance and preparing for the withdrawal of its troops from Eastern Syria. In this regard, SDF the beginning of a serious official dialogue with the Syrian government, apparently to get “to change the patron.”

OSCE, explained that the United States has no political agenda for the Syrian Kurds. Washington was a necessary partner for ground operations, which will make all the difficulties of war with “Islamic state“. After the meeting of President of the United States Donald trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin , there have been indications that the us military have no objections to the contacts of the Kurds of Damascus.

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