The US special envoy says that entered against Russia sanctions will remain in force.

Walker assured that the U.S. will continue to put pressure on Russia / photo by UNIAN

Special representative of State Department of the United States of America concerning the Affairs Kurt Volker said that the United States will continue to exert pressure on Russia with the aim of resolving the situation in Ukraine.

This was the American diplomat said during a speech at a think tank Atlantic Council in Washington.

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“We are trying to increase the pressure that we exerted on Russia with the aim to seek negotiations to find a solution. This involves the continuing application of US sanctions and periodic strengthening of these sanctions over time. And this is the path on which we walk during the administration of trump, and will continue to go this way,” said Walker.

“You see additional sanctions are introduced every month or two months”, – said the representative of the United States.

As said by Volker, in the same way the US work very closely with allies in the European Union for the continuance in force of the sanctions imposed.

“And I think it’s fairly unlikely for Russia, perhaps, but the European Union has shown remarkable resilience in the strengthening and preservation of force (sanctions – the UNIAN)”, – said Walker.

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