The work in Poland: on the border will be problems, will shake each

The border guards in Poland will carry out searches with special predilection

On the border of Ukraine with Poland could begin the strike.

This warned the Chairman of the Union of the Border service of Poland Marcin Kolasa.

“Haven’t made any decisions. Tomorrow in our Ministry meeting, which will largely depend on our future steps. If we agree in the Ministry, there are no protests on the border will not” — said the border guard.

We are talking about a Union meeting with the interior Minister of Poland Joachim Brudzinski. After the border guards decide whether they will conduct an “Italian strike”.

As noted by Kolasa, if the Union has not come to an agreement with the Ministry, you will need to complete the legal procedure in accordance with the act on solving collective disputes.

“Only then will make a decision: will this protest or not”, — said the representative of the border service.

He also noted that the procedure would take at least a month.

The Union of Polish security forces have warned the 50 recipients, including the airports, carriers and others, the introduction of the “Italian strike” (a very thorough and lengthy checks of every person who crosses the border) will lead to huge queues at the border.

The term “Italian strike” means that all employees are at their jobs, but duties are performed particularly carefully. With the introduction of such a strike by border guards on one person who crosses the border, will go in 3-4 times more time than usual.

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Show business

We reported earlier about the miners ‘ strike in Ukraine, which brought a positive result. This was told by MP Serhiy Shakhov on his page in the social network.

“Today the President signed a law 8362 on the allocation of UAH 1.4 billion for the repayment of debts to miners. Special thanks to the miners Union, and especially its Chairman, Mikhail Volynets and Chairman of the trade Union of the mines in the Donetsk region Alexander Abramov. People who sincerely support the miners, their fate and the future of the economy of the whole country!”, — writes checks.

“But the oligarchs and Ministers let them know we will not stop and will continue to work to protect miners, the restoration and development of coal industry of Ukraine!” — says the MP.

We will remind, Ukrainians have made an important warning because of problems on the Polish border.

As reported Politeka, Polish border guards found guilty in huge queues.

Also Politeka told me that withdrawal from the CIS is not yet final, there is still one more step.

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