There is no understanding: relations between Ukraine and Poland worsened, the Ambassador made a stirring statement

Poland still can’t make peace with Ukraine after the Second world war, but with Germany they were able to adjust the relations

This opinion was expressed by the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine Jan Inferno.

According to him, Ukraine and Poland still need to find ways of mutual understanding.

“If after the tragedy of the Second world war managed to reach the Polish-German combination, then we should also be prepared,” said Inferno during a speech a speech in the village Kysylyn Volyn region, where commemorated the victims of the Volyn tragedy.

It should be noted that on 11 July 1943, the UPA units with the support of some local Ukrainian peasants murdered poles gathered in kietlinska the Church.

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“Everyone who comes here dreams that it never happened again. We should endeavour that our peoples lived in peace and understanding. After all we are neighbors and are bound to each other. So we have to find this understanding,” said the Bishop of the Lutsk diocese Vitaly Skomarovsky, which was held in the walls of the destroyed Church.

Also for a few days, on 11 July, Poland will celebrate the national day of remembrance of the victims of “genocide committed by Ukrainian nationalists”. For the first time at the state level, the anniversary of the Volyn tragedy in Poland said last year.

And the President of Poland Andrzej Duda came to Lutsk to participate in the anniversary of the Volyn tragedy.

At the same time, the President will visit the South-East of Poland. That is the place where once was located in the Ukrainian village Sagrini. There he will unveil a memorial to Ukrainians who died at the hands of the Polish “peasant battalions” and units of the home Army in 1944. In March 1944, then at the hands of poles killed Ukrainians 660.

We will remind, Ukraine has refuted the findings of the Polish side regarding the excavations at the cemetery in Gruzovikah. Previously, the Institute of national remembrance of Poland said that during excavations, was found the remains of the soldiers of the UPA. With this assertion of Ukrainian historians.

At the same time, according to the head of academic programmes Centre for research on the liberation movement Volodymyr Birchak, archives show that in Gruzovikah was buried at least five Ukrainian underground.

Source: Polish radio

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