This crime was part of a plan to destabilise the situation in Ukraine.

Babchenko was accused of ordering his murder of the Russian businessman / photo Unibersity journalist Arkady Babchenko was accused of ordering his murder of the Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin.

About this he wrote in Facebook.

According to him, the Russian authorities were planning attacks and killing of Russian opposition may 26 — the day of the finals of the UEFA Champions League in Kiev. As the journalist wrote, also in Lithuania planned the murder a political refugee from Russia who was granted asylum in Britain.

Babchenko claims that the customer of murder of Russian opposition is Prigogine.

According to the journalist, Prigogine ordered his murder after he published posts criticizing the businessman in Facebook.

“Here is an important background. Obviously, Eugene Prigozhin does not like, when it start to write in the Newspapers. Yulia Latynina became interested in his persona, and got four attacks — two times it poured feces, tracked down on the way to work, once I set the car on fire, and when the warnings did not work, tried to kill, to spray the house with poison… why am I here? It’s very simple. Shortly before ordering me about Prigogine I started to write,” wrote Babchenko.

“I think these are your post, I switched attention to itself, and because of the texts about the private dungeon Prigogine first victim was specifically chosen for me. Two-in-one. And implementation of the state order at destabilizing the situation in Ukraine, and personal vendetta”, he added.

We will remind, the information that Babchenko was gunned down in his home in Kiev, appeared on the evening of may 29. The next day, the SBU and Prosecutor General’s office showed him alive, and said that it was a special operation, which helped to identify the probable organizer of the murder of journalist and to the list of people who are also at risk.

At the same time the security forces said they detained a possible organizer, Executive Director of the Ukrainian-German JV “Schmeisser” Boris Hermann. He argues that indeed “ordered” the murder Babchenko, a former member of the fighting in the Donbass Alexey Tsimbalyuk, but it was only an imitation of the order, and in fact he acted under the supervision of another person from one of the Ukrainian security services.

Read takterasse been mass attacks in Ukraine: Babchenko has revealed previously classified information about the assassination attempt on him

At trial, Herman called the probable customer from Russia – Vyacheslav Pivovarnik, who was born and raised in Ukraine, but some time ago went to Russia. Pivovarnik, according to Herman, allegedly worked in “personal Fund” of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the Kremlin deny the existence of such a Fund. 30 August 2018 the Goloseevsky district court of Kiev sentenced Herman to 4.5 years of imprisonment, after he made a deal with the investigation.

Russian businessman Prigogine was multimillionaire after in 2001, he served to Putin in his restaurant and liked it. For 15 years, the restaurateur went from the high-profile Lunches to serving the inauguration ceremony of the President of the Russian Federation and the multi-billion dollar contracts for employees of the emergencies Ministry, Moscow schoolchildren and the military.

Companies related to Prigogine, in five years, have received state contracts worth more than 200 billion rubles (over $ 3 billion).

In February, the U.S. Presented 13 citizens of the Russian Federation, including Prigogine, accusations about Russian interference in the elections of the President of the United States.

Also Prigogine is associated with the activity of the so-called “Private military company Wagner.”

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