To the question exactly how many people knew about the “bug”, Director of the NAB said, “Three. Roughly speaking, three people.”

Sytnik told how many people knew about the listening device in Gorodnitskogo / photo UNIAN

Only three detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau knew that the office of the head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Gorodnitskogo installed a secret listening device.

About it in interview “to Gromadsky” said the Director of NABU Sytnyk.

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Answering the question, how did the case Horodniceanu, Sytnik said, “It was the criminal proceedings in the Prosecutor General’s office. And it had received the court’s permission to conduct covert investigative actions. The implementation of this order was entrusted to the detectives NAB. And the forces of operative-technical Department, and detectives NAB this decision was made. On the implementation of this decision was a very limited number of persons, exclusively of the detectives NAB”.

When asked how many people knew about the “bug”, Sytnik said, “Three. Roughly speaking, three people.”

“The Prosecutor General’s office were aware of the fact that there is a resolution. But how it is executed, its execution started or not – the Prosecutor General’s office knew nothing about it. Then at some point was identified this instrument. The thesis that there is nothing criminal, just not true. It is our opinion”, — said the Director of the NABOO.

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