Tobacco business with the bloody flavor around “Tedis Ukraine” scandal broke

Today the participants of the Russian-Ukrainian war, among them fighters of the “Union of volunteers” came out to protest against the activities of the company-the tobacco monopoly “Tedis Ukraine”, whose owners are funding terrorists and separatists

About it reports “Censor.NO.”

The largest distributor of cigarettes in Ukraine, OOO “Tedis Ukraine”, which until recently was the Ternopil company “Megapolis Ukraine” is included into group of companies “mercury”, the Russian oligarch Igor Kesaev, who is one of the owners of Russian weapons manufacturer plant named after V. A. Degtyarev.

According to the state order of the Ministry of defense of Russia, this plant produces machine guns, grenade launchers, sniper systems, anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank weapons, MLRS “Grad” and other weapons which as long as five years to kill Ukrainians.

The metropolis began to work in Ukraine from 2010. Officially, OOO “Trading company” Megapolis-Ukraine “was founded in 2011 by renaming LLC” Podillia-Tobacco “. But in fact controlled by Igor Kesaeva Cyprus company MEGAPOLIS HOLDINGS (OVERSEAS) LIMITED became part of the founders of the” West tobacco Group “in December 2010, and in 2011 it absorbed company “Distribution company” Demetra “and” Angro “.

Rapidly, “Metropolis”, and now Ukraine TEDIS bought the tobacco market of Ukraine and is now their regional network consists of 35 regional structural subdivisions all over Ukraine. In 2013 the decision was made to open retail stores, the number of which to date is 48 different cities of Ukraine.

Founded by Yanukovych unbeatable distribution of tobacco in Ukraine is still outside the law. Nobody in Ukraine buy cigarettes without an intermediary. Now the company is “Tedis Ukraine”, in the past, “Megapolis Ukraine” — monopoly in the cigarette market. The entire volume of cigarettes produced in Ukraine, buys the company Tedis Ukraine, through which up to 98% of turnover. Further, the company sells tobacco products or to wholesalers, or retail agents.

1, 2015 operation and owners of the Metropolis undertook to investigate and Antimonopoly Committee. After investigation, the activists began to block the work of the company. Wave lock of the warehouses took place in Kiev, Lviv, Lutsk, Rivne, Kovel and Lutsk. The action was orchestrated by the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada Faction of the Political party “popular Front” Igor Lapin, Andrey Levus and Sergei Vysotsky. After protests by the anti-monopoly Committee said that in April 2015 will be the beneficiaries of the Metropolis has changed: the citizens of the Russian Federation from structure of ultimate beneficiaries retired they were replaced by the British.

24 may 2016 the company “Megapolis Ukraine” was renamed the TEDIS Ukraine. Officially the company stated that the decision to rebrand was taken as a result of systemic structural changes that have occurred in the company in recent years and added that “the renaming will not result in any other system changes.” However, in addition to the name, the company changed its legal address: moved from Ternopil to Odessa in a building owned by “platinum Bank”, where he spelled out the firm’s “New investment company” Alliance “.

Officially, the founders of the “Tedis-Ukraine” is 6 Cyprus companies. Two companies associated with the company “New investment company” Alliance “, and the sole founder of the Alliance of Odessa is a millionaire real-estate developer and banker and the owner of the Focus magazine Boris Kaufman. In addition, Kaufman oversees all Ukrainian airports.

Among the founders of the “Tedis Ukraine” still appears and the company Russian Igor Kesaeva — MEGAPOLIS HOLDINGS (OVERSEAS) LIMITED which is the owner of the only Russian weapons manufacturer plant named after V. A. Degtyarev. According to the Russian journalist Vladimir Vysotsky, Igor Kesaev’s Foundation for “Monolith” is funding the FSB.

In 2016, the cleanup initiators of the Ukrainian economy from the Russian monopolist was confident of victory. However, no protests, no blocking, checks and complaints not able to pick up “Russian bloodsucker” and the aggressor is the state. However, even attempts to correct the situation at the legal level have not yielded any result, because the law on Licensing of economic activities, took people’s deputies in March 2016 provided that if the company among the beneficiaries, citizens of the aggressor country — its license will be revoked, and the company will stop working. But thanks to the revision of the Roman Nasirov, tobacco, alcohol, banks and telecommunications are not subject to this act and, accordingly, the Russian tobacco business in the future feels safe.

Without radical action to change the situation in the country is simply impossible. The campaign, which began in 2016 and left through blurry renaming of the Megapolis will have to complete.

Indeed, in the current situation, we ourselves are funding a war against ourselves!

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