Today, Russia does not want to return to the Council of Europe from-for absence of the safety mechanism relative not imposed sanctions in the future.

Illustration / REUTERS–° 2015 against the Russian Federation officially is not valid any sanctions from the Council of Europe.

Read changeagent spoke about the exclusion of Russia from the Council of Europe

This was stated by the expert on international Affairs Anna Shelest, commenting on the possibility of returning Russia to Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, transfers “observer”.

“In fact, today’s sanctions against Russia, no. They were in 2014 and 2015. Today the question is that Russia does not want to return to the Council of Europe, if not of the safety mechanism to such sanctions on it in the future do not overlap,” explained the Rustle of his mind.

She said that talking about the possible outcome of the upcoming vote is still too early, after all, know the position of only two of the five factions represented in the PACE.

“What is the vote itself – is the question. Because all agree that Russia has violated the basic norms, principles and values of the Council of Europe. But on the other hand, more in the Council of Europe suggests that it is necessary to continue the dialogue”, – summed up the expert.

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