Traitors in Donetsk became quickly “change”: all of a sudden remembered about Ukraine, “DNR” Outlook is grim

Traitors in Donetsk became quickly “change”: all of a sudden remembered about Ukraine, “DNR” Outlook is grim

In “DNR” since the death of leader Alexander Zakharchenko “military” are confined to barracks. This writes blogger Marina Grigorieva, a story which on its website has published a resident of Donetsk, who writes under the name the Fascists in Donetsk.

A woman living in Donetsk, told about his visit to a neighbor. Came to solve daily issue and saw that in the hallway of a neighbor hanging the calendar where the Russian names of months are duplicated in the Ukrainian language. And this despite the fact that the landlady is convinced “vatnitsa”, an ardent supporter of the “Russian world”, no less ardent ukrainofobkoy, enthusiastically took part in “referendum” in may 2014.

Marina Grigoryeva said ironically, that if even such people are reinsured, then clearly the prospects of “DNR” – gloomy.

“All told, how Bandera will have for the Russian kill. And it is against the Ukrainian on the dambass. And now this calendar. Or is it just in case, suddenly Bandera burst into the apartment. And she, op-PA! Alibi: “Oh, boys, and of you so chakali, chakali, I belong here, don’t shoot axis bachite I calendar mene ukraïnskoyu”, – says donchanka.

A neighbor lamented that her husband “soldier” in illegal armed groups, 31 Aug kept in barracks, like all his “colleagues”. And every month it is two weeks going away. Most likely, the exercises in Russia.

During that conversation it became clear that the husband earns neighbor 15 thousand rubles. per month plus just over 2 thousand “runs” of travel.

Donetsk with its current prices it is a very little money. Especially for a sellsword in illegal armed groups, that is, for work related risk.

Though we know (from the same conversation) that the part in which “serves as a” separatist, not fighting on the front, but the situation can change any minute. That salary is meager, understands, and wife of “war”, but understands that the other at least relatively decent-paying jobs her husband is a traitor in the occupied town.

The blogger writes that thought, here they are, the consequences of the referendums – in Donetsk, supporters of the “Russian world” willing to risk their lives for a little money.

Here it is “prosperity” from “Russian world”. “[email protected] was for referenda to roam.

Waiting for Respublika will Ribnitsa! Glory To Ukraine!” summed up his story on the patriot.

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