Trump has put an ultimatum to Putin on Ukraine

The President of the United States Donald trump believes that sanctions against Russia can be removed, however, Russia needs to cooperate with America on the issues of Syria and Ukraine

In an interview with Reuters trump called the conditions under which he will have the opportunity to consider the issue of lifting the Russian sanctions.

This process, according to the American leader, can begin only in the case if the Kremlin will start to take appropriate steps to cooperate with the U.S. on pressing issues regarding Syria and Ukraine.

“I would have considered such a possibility (the lifting of sanctions – ed.) if they (Russian authorities – ed.) are ready to do something for us. Without this I’m not going to think about this issue”, – said the American leader.

To date, these actions by Russia have not yet been observed. In this regard, in November this year, the United States plans to adopt a new anti-Russian sanctions. They suggest the imposition of restrictive measures targeting Russian state-owned banks, as well as concerning the state debt of the Russian Federation.

Such sanctions could lead to an outflow of 8-10% of investors from sovereign Russian debt securities.

Earlier, Ukraine imposed sanctions against Russia. Then Petro Poroshenko signed a decree on the introduction of sanctions against six political parties of the Russian Federation. Their assets on the territory of Ukraine should be blocked. In addition, parties that fall under the sanctions, prohibited withdrawal of capital outside Ukraine. Also these political forces are cancelled license or other documents authorizing them to import on territory of Ukraine of currency values; restrictions on cash withdrawal by Bank cards.

These actions, the Kremlin called “absurd” and looking “like an attempt to clean up the political space of the country.” Exactly stated the position of “Deputy of the Crimean region”, member of the Presidium of the General Council of the party “United Russia” Konstantin Bakharev.

In turn, Nadezhda Korneeva, Deputy Chairman of the party “Patriots of Russia”, which is also included in the sanctions list, said that political forces “are proud to have hit him, because it only proves that they are on the right track to protect Russian interests.”

Recall that in Russia is brewing a coup, became known to the date.

As he wrote Politeka, Putin kicks from Ukraine dangerous compromise will have to pay everyone.

Also Politeka was told that Putin is preparing a devastating blow.

Source: Reuters

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