Trump is considering replacement of Mattis as the head of the Pentagon in the Congress – media

The President of the United States Donald trump is considering to replace the Pentagon chief James Mattis after the midterm elections in the U.S. Congress in November because of their differences, wrote on Saturday “new York times”.

“Interviews with more than a dozen White house staff, representatives of Congress, former and current employees of the Pentagon for the last six weeks made a portrait of the President, who was offended by his defense Minister, irritated by a comparison with the Mattis not in their favor, and was extremely concerned that at heart, Mattis Democrat”, — the newspaper writes.

According to her, the views of D. trump and George.The Mattis diverge on many issues: from the position of NATO and the military exercises with South Korea until the question of the ban transgender people of the United States to serve in the army.

“Trump would like that Mattis acted as Secretary, Mike Pompeo, a political supporter of the President”, — the newspaper writes.

“New York times” recalls June 21, during the broadcast on TV the meeting on the situation with the separation of migrant families, on the left side of D. trump with a straight face, sat George.Mattis, and the right — M. Polo, laughing over every joke the President.

The situation deteriorated after the publication of excerpts of the book by Bob Woodward, which showed that George.Mattis considers intelligence D. trump is not above the level of a sixth grader. John.Mattis denied this information, however, according to sources, trump D. annoyed for a long time, what about the Pentagon saying that he behaves like a grown man compared to the President of the United States.

At the same time, sources close to George.The Mattis, say that the retired General of the marine corps is unlikely to waive their views in order to save space in the Pentagon. The newspaper writes that he repeatedly refused media interviews, not wanting to answer the issues on which his position is at odds with the President.

“The Minister of defence Mattis lives according to the principles laid down in its DNA. He is not able to lie on a genetic level, it is genetically not capable of betrayal,” says his former representative Geoff Davis.

This means, emphasizes the publication that the only way for the Pentagon now is to remain silent, because he does not want to Express dissatisfaction with the President publicly, but does not want his praise.

The representative of the Senate Committee on armed Affairs, Jack reed said that the displacement Dzh.Of Mattis as head of the Pentagon, first of all, create uncertainty where there is now stability.

“The Minister of defence Mattis, perhaps one of the most highly qualified people for the job” — he said.

Previously, the newspaper “Washington post” wrote that George.Mattis could leave his post in the coming months, and the White house have already begun the search for its replacement.

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