Trump spoke about a Boxing match with Putin Too hard

The US President Donald trump made a statement about the economic state of the United States and revealed details of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin

The President of the United States of America Donald trump during his speech in Illinois before supporters made a statement that he knows about what Russia wants from the United States.

According to head of the White house, Moscow is waiting for Washington’s economic aid.

He mentioned that the economic performance of the United States after his coming to power has improved markedly.

Trump believes he has done productive work on the state of the American economy.

“Don’t forget. Russia wants us to help the economy. We have an economy. We have created a welfare. I did a really good job by 11.7 trillion dollars. Russia wants our participation,” said trump during his speech.

In addition, trump said that the US “everything is fine” with international politics.

Trump about his meeting with Putin in Finland assessed the dialogue, calling itself the meeting as “magnificent”. He added that in the United States, many criticize him for “excessive courtesy” to the leader of the Russian Federation.

“If I came to Putin and started a Boxing match, they would have said, “It was too hard, it’s awful.” In other words, there is no difference,” said trump.

As it became known earlier sending suspicious content was sent criticism of Donald trump. This was reported by us to law enforcement.

This time the bomb was meant for the former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden.

This is the ninth case, when criticism of the President of the United States Donald trump is getting such “surprises”, according to CNN.

The head of the Department for combating terrorism of the NYPD’s John Miller said that the parcels with homemade bombs was the same sender.

All explosive devices were stuffed with striking elements and is made from piece of plastic pipe. Inside the bomb had a timer, probably a digital clock.

As explosives “Kulibin” used powder extracted from fireworks.

There was also information about another parcel bomb, which was taken in a restaurant of the recipient.

The package with the explosive device was intended for the American actor Robert de Niro. It was taken at his restaurant in new York’s Greenwich street. American media, citing sources in law enforcement, argue that the explosive device very similar to those which were previously sent a number of American politicians.

To evacuate people from the restaurant de Niro, where the parcel came, it was not necessary – at this time the school was empty. However, law enforcement officers put up a cordon. At the place of work investigators and bomb experts.

It is worth noting that Robert de Niro is quite a strained relationship with the current President of the United States. The actor has repeatedly criticized Donald trump calling it “a shame for the country”. De Niro also claimed that “not willing to punch him in the face.” In January 2017 actor called the President of the United States “a bad example for the country.”

Trump in debt does not remain, and noted that Robert de Niro – “people with very low IQ”.

Also explosive devices sent to ex-President Barack Obama, the couple bill and Hillary Clinton, billionaire George Soros and other opponents of Donald trump. It is noteworthy that de Niro was the most prominent of the opponents of Donald trump.

We will remind, the network showed horrific pictures of the consequences of the massacre in Kerch.

As reported Politeka, in Kiev, was rocked by a powerful explosion.

Also Politeka was told that in Kherson found a bomb: children rescued through the back door.

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