Tymoshenko called monetary strategy in the New economic policy: stable national currency, minimal inflation, cheap loans

The transition to innovative development of economy and building a financially strong state is impossible without a new monetary policy and reform of the banking market, said the leader of Ukrainian Association “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko at the forum “New economic policy” in Kyiv on Friday.

The new monetary policy should be to stabilize the hryvnia, the taming of inflation, the development of small banks, introduction to business long-term low-interest loans, the ownership of National Bank society, convinced the leader of “Batkivshchyna”.

“First, we need to put the national Bank under the real control of society and of Parliament. Secondly, it is necessary to de-monopolise part of its functions that it had no opportunity to engage in speculation based on their limitless powers. We will be able to offer adequate tools that will overcome the unreasonable inflation. We stabilize the hryvnia and increase her status, respect and value,” said Y. Tymoshenko.

In her words, “a financial Scam under the auspices of the national Bank” led to the destruction of 98 banks, investors and business lost 448 billion of deposits and collateral, the real value of which exceeds 1 trillion UAH. “This will be the subject of separate criminal investigations after the change of government. We’ll deal with the lost business every penny, every movement of ownership, we will renew justice and give a breath of air to our middle class. All we can do it!”, — said Tymoshenko.

She is convinced that without fundamental changes in the monetary sector “the economy will cease to develop.” Four-year inflation at the level of 139%, it has called man-made and caused by rising energy prices and artificial devaluation of the hryvnia, “These indicators are created by specific people and specific policy of the National Bank”.

“The new monetary policy is the main condition for building an efficient economy in Ukraine. This is the way to revive the business and welfare of the people,” Yulia Tymoshenko summed up.

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