Ukraine is preparing a fateful decision in respect of the Russian Federation: the expert described the problem

The decision on termination of the Agreement on friendship and cooperation between Ukraine with Russia is correct, but very late

This opinion was expressed by the lawyer Gennady Druzenko.

So, on the literal fact of aggression of Russia became known in 2014, after the Ilovaysk tragedy. Even then, Russia has deployed its regular troops in Ukraine.

Thus, a Treaty of friendship with Russia, which refers to the inviolability of borders, good-neighbourly relations, strategic partnership, has been violated by Russia.

“All this time the Treaty was more than an argument of Russia on the international arena, to say that Ukraine and the Russian Federation — “large strategic partners.” You can only imagine how to perceive in the Council of Europe or the UN when Russia shows this Treaty,” — said the expert.

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Now, however, terminate this Agreement in two ways. The first option is to adopt appropriate legislation and to inform Russia. However, there is more simple variant.

So, the contract was concluded for ten years, and in its final provisions States that the document is automatically updated every ten years, unless one of the parties does not inform about the wish to terminate it.

“The President could simply instruct the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine to inform the Ministry of the Russian Federation — for the six months to the end of the second ten-year term of the Agreement that Ukraine does not intend to renew it. That is not to denounce in Parliament, and just not renew it. To stop the war that won’t help us, but will bring the legal framework into line with the realities “, — says Mr. Druzenko.

Note that since August 28 Petro Poroshenko confirmed that Ukraine has officially breaks the Treaty of friendship with the Russian Federation. According to him, the document has long been a “anachronism” on the part of the aggressor.

So, the contract was signed on 31 may 1997 in Kiev. Under its terms, the parties undertook, inter alia, to “respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty” each other and “reaffirmed the inviolability of their existing borders”.

We will remind, Russia is moving warships in the sea of Azov, the situation escalated to the limit.

As reported Politeka, Putin burst into nonsense after the statement of Ukraine to break with Russia.

Politeka also wrote that the occupation forces cowardly attacked the Ukrainian military, the armed forces has suffered an irreparable loss.

Source: Channel 24

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