“Ukraine – not Russia”. Do not confuse the country

“Ukraine – not Russia”. Do not confuse the country

The Russians – not Ukrainians. It makes no sense to require “them” – even the most liberal and anti-Putin – to become “us.”

Football championship showed it in all its glory. Often meet those who condemn the Russians for their support of the national team.

Their sports Union is perceived as a betrayal. Their football passion as solidarity with the Kremlin. Their support of the flag-coat of arms-players – as Imperial.

And at this point you want to put the situation on pause.

We used to repeat that Ukraine – not Russia. But not less true is the converse. Demand from the Russian liberals full identity of Ukrainians it would be naive and stupid. At least because it is painfully reminiscent of the Kremlin talk about “one people”.

Russian citizen – even the most Pro-Ukrainian – is the same as the Ukrainian in General ethical outline. He could accept in the estimates of the annexation of Crimea and invasion of the Donbass. Much of the Europe and of liberalism. To dream of the death of the Empire. But he still remains a citizen of his country.

The very country that has a flag. Anthem. The coat of arms. National sports teams. Victory and defeat in the stadiums. In the end, he left the country he will try to separate from the state. And make it apply to all listed like this are the Ukrainians, it would be strange.

Optics looks destined to be different precisely because it is about different countries. Owing to the fact that Ukraine – not Russia.

Burned by the war of the Ukrainian society can want the scenario of Donbass was repeated somewhere in the Russian hinterland. That Russian society experienced the same range of emotions through which had to pass Ukraine. To every Russian citizen went through fear and uncertainty, which had to face the Ukrainians.

But do want to be a Russian liberal?

If the Ukrainian society wants to see in the Russian liberal flesh itself – it falls into the trap. Simply because any Russians in the end are doomed to think in the interests of their own country and not the next.

To demand from them – all the same what to demand from the Ukrainian to think of the interests of the Kremlin.

Ukrainian can identify with the Kremlin and Russia. Football team and vertical state. Sports victory and Imperial PR. But Russian liberal defends the gap between all these concepts. Because otherwise he does not have anything to rely on.

And it is not about finding a common. Do not attempt to find a unifying ethical. On the contrary.

It’s about the fact that the formula “Ukraine is not Russia” works both ways. If we – not they, and they – not us.

And even the same views on the policy of the Kremlin, the Crimea’s belonging to and responsibility for the destruction of the Donbas will not make Russian a Ukrainian. And Vice versa.

What we wanted to prove.


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