‘Ukraine should become the aggressor”: Zhirinovsky slip on the vile provocation of Russia

‘Ukraine should become the aggressor”: Zhirinovsky slip on the vile provocation of Russia

Controversial Russian politician, the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that the complete takeover of Ukraine Russia needs to provoke her to strike at the aggressor country.

This step, in his opinion, will untie the hands of the invaders and makes it easy to implement the bloody plan they are hatching a long time. A blatant statement of the Deputy of the state Duma illegitimate sounded in the air outreach program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on TV channel “Russia 1”

“If we do not recognize Poroshenko, if we will block all possible supply (of Ukraine. — Ed.) our gasoline, fuels, if you Pererva all ties, the regime will collapse prematurely. And we won’t have a reason to liberate the Ukraine, because there would be no mode, there will be anarchy, there will begin the guerrilla struggle. We need to get the fruit ripe. The ultimate goal is to liberate all of Ukraine. For that she should attack Russia, that was the reason to send troops. Ukraine should become the aggressor! To apply for a us first strike!” — voiced aggressive idea Zhirinovsky.

Earlier, the Kremlin clown said that Russia needs to ravage the Ukraine, by a mass issuance of passports of the Russian Federation to its citizens. According to the crazy idea of the odious Deputy of the state Duma illegitimate, it will unite the people of the country-occupier with the Ukrainians and create some semblance of the collapse of the USSR.

In addition, Zhirinovsky called on his country to start a global nuclear war. Thus he wants to show Ukraine and NATO that they can not attack Russia. Kiev and also the capital of the countries of the Alliance, inadequate state Duma Deputy called the main objectives of the bombing.

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