Ukrainian diplomats said that over the 70 years of existence of the Council of Europe a woman once headed the organization.

In the nearly 70 years since its creation, the Council of Europe has considerably developed and strengthened the capacity of its institutions and bodies / photo ©Council of Europe

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine believe that of thorbjørn Jagland, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe needs to change a woman.

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As reported the UNIAN in a press-service of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Council of Europe began the selection of candidates for the post of new Secretary General of this organization.

In particular, as noted by Ukrainian diplomats, according to the procedure selected by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe nominations will be submitted to the parliamentary Assembly of the COE, which by vote shall elect a new Secretary General at its June session in 2019.

In this regard, said that with the beginning of the election process brought Ukraine to the members of the Committee of Ministers his vision of what the criteria should meet the man who will lead the organization in difficult times.

“For nearly 70 years since its creation, the Council of Europe has considerably developed and strengthened the capacity of its institutions and organs. We are witnessing the rise of the authority and independence of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and Congress of local and regional authorities. PACE position on some issues has become no less important to the lives of Europeans than the position of the European Parliament, including through membership in the Council of Europe States outside the EU. Ukraine supports the role of the Assembly as a real pan-European body that shares the goals and values of the Council of Europe”, – said in the foreign Ministry.

“We are approaching the beginning of the important process of selecting the future leader of the Secretariat of the Council of Europe. One of the starting points in the electoral process is a clear recognition that the Council of Europe is the family of all European countries. Therefore, ensuring equitable geographical representation should recognize the main principle in this process”, – stated in the message.

“Although during the first four decades after the establishment of the Council of Europe, he was almost exclusively Western European organization in the past three decades, distinguished the historical expansion and entry into it almost 20 new members from Eastern and Central Europe. It is no exaggeration to say that without the Council of Europe many of these States would not be ready to join other European institutions, including the European Union, OECD and NATO, and some even successfully to lead them,” – said the Minister.

“However, a significant contribution of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe in promoting and strengthening democracy throughout the continent is not recognized by the Council of Europe when it comes to fill the post of General Secretary. We believe that the representatives of these countries must be given the opportunity to lead the Secretariat for the first seventy years of the existence of the Council of Europe,” the statement reads.

In the Ukrainian foreign Ministry stressed that “over the years many worthy and influential men successfully supervised the work of the Secretariat, but among them were only one woman – the representative of France Catherine Lalumiere, which greatly contributed to the unification of the two parts of Europe, 1989-1994”.

“Today the Council of Europe as never before we need a leader who can unite members of the organization based on the principles and values enshrined in its Charter. Although we believe that the best and strongest candidate should win in a transparent and fair competition, we insist on the fact that after 70 years of dominance of men at the head of the Secretariat of the women of Europe should get another opportunity to lead the Council of Europe through the turbulent times,” – said in a statement.

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry calling for “maximum transparency in this process, which can be achieved, inter alia, through the application of innovative approaches. For example – conducting a direct webcast of the debate, which has proved effective in the election of the Secretary-General of the UN.”

The Ministry said that Ukraine expects an open and democratic process of electing the next Secretary-General of the Council of Europe.

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