Ukrainians detained by the FSB in the Bryansk region, and the court placed into custody.

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In the Russian Federation have detained and arrested the driver of the Shuttle bus Vinnitsa-Moscow, citizen of Ukraine Oleg Chaban after finding his bus firecrackers.

As UNIAN correspondent, about this informed the lawyer of Yury Belous at the press-konfrentsii “New prisoner of the Kremlin – the driver of a public bus from Vinnytsia.”

The lawyer said that the citizen of Ukraine Oleg Chaban is a driver of the international bus Vinnitsa-Moscow, who was detained on the territory of the Russian Federation in Klimovo village in the Bryansk region in may this year and placed into custody.

“Him twice during this time was extended the measure of restraint. He is under arrest. Two appeals had been lodged, that court left without changes, they will be rejected. He is now detained in prison,” – said Bilous.

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The term of Shepherd’s detention was extended until 4 September.

He also said that Russian courts twice refused his wife a Ukrainian, Natalia Chaban, and the gaining of procedural status of advocate.

“Today people without evidence in the criminal case is under arrest on the territory of Russia and accused of committing a crime, namely the smuggling and illegal transportation and possession of a weapon, which was found in the bus among passenger Luggage to which he Oleg Chaban had no relationship, not getting it, was not given any documents, was paid cash and no one was contacted,” said the lawyer.

Also the attorney said that a Shepherd kept in custody because he is “a citizen of Ukraine and is able to abscond”.

“The court takes into account the position of the prosecution, only the position of the investigation. It involves the FSB. The detention was carried out by the Federal security service”, – said Bilous.

In addition, the lawyer said Oleg Chaban in the army are not served and never had any weapons.

“Nothing, technically, to arms, on the territory of Ukraine, he was not”, – said the lawyer.

However, according to the lawyer that the cargo that was in the bus the Shepherd, was to receive the citizen of the Russian Federation.

“He gave his confession, i.e., it is possible to assume that this person is a member of some scheme, some groups may be organized. And he, the citizen of the Russian Federation, then released under a subscription about not departure”, – said the lawyer.

“Despite the confession, i.e. speaking in simple language recognition in Commission of crime. He said I committed the crime. All this basic evidence, which will form quite possibly the basis for his accusations. And our citizens, which is absolutely not plead guilty… he is in custody”, – said the lawyer.

Belous said that in the trunk of the bus were found firecrackers called “primer”.

The wife of a detained Ukrainian, Natalia Chaban, reported that her husband of 18 years is a driver. Before the arrest he worked as a driver for a private entrepreneur. The driver of international communications, he worked a year and a half.

“In Moscow, he traveled very often… Since the beginning of this may it was the second or third trip,” said Natalia Chaban.

“This trip was not to be… called Him three hours before the trip due to the fact that the second driver refused to go on family circumstances”, she added.

She said her husband is in contact with a lawyer from Russia.

Earlier UNIAN reported that in Moscow arrested Ukrainian conductor Sergey Bugaychuk, which operates in the passenger car depot “Kovel”. He was detained on 11 July 2018. July 12, the court chose to Ukrainians a measure of restraint in form of detention for 2 months.

Bugaychuk the head of the accused that he is in group of persons of three people (one of which is named only by name) allegedly were transported via Russian-Ukrainian border for resale the weapon – a pistol Glock 19 and 10 barrels to the pistol “Makarov”.

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