UN blocking Telegram called an example of restriction of freedom in Russia

The British Article 19 on behalf of the 52 international human rights organizations have complained to the Council on human rights UN in Russia restricts the freedom of the Internet. As an example, was named a situation with Telegram

Photo: Tatyana Makeyeva / Reuters

About how the Russian government is trying to restrict Russian Internet users on a session of the Council for human rights, the UN has reported human rights activists from British organization Article 19. According to her representative Kathy Morris, under the statement on this subject was signed by 52 international organizations, including Human Rights Watch, international Federation for human rights (FIHR), the Association of media workers European Federation of journalists, said in a press release.

Article 19 reported that the Russian government systematically restricts the free flow of information online. The most striking example of the organization is called the problem of the messenger Telegram, is blocked under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

Among other negative undertakings the Russian authorities human rights activists have called the creation of a blacklist of websites, blocking social network Linkedin, the adoption of the “Spring law” obliging all Telecom operators and Internet service providers to store data about the user communications and to transmit the encryption keys upon request of the security services.

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