War of the FSB and GRU in the information, and not just the springboard

War of the FSB and GRU in the information, and not just the springboard

On the third day after news of the death in CAR of Russian journalists Orhan Cemal, Kirill Radchenko and Alexander Rastorguev very clearly the picture of what media is on which side in the confrontation between the FSB and the GRU (the defense Ministry).

The fact that almost all Russian TV channels at the Federal level in their reports concealed the fact that Russian journalists traveled in the CAR to take a report on PMC “Wagner”, and some (for example, RIA “Novosti”) and is taught information as if the war correspondents, hardened conflicts to the bone, went to Africa to shoot giraffes!

Complete silence from leading Russian media about what was the true mission of journalists in the distant CAR, clearly demonstrated that most of them are under the hood of the FSB. In turn, GRU loses the first fight with the “Putin’s cook” on a new springboard.

Interestingly, almost no one but the “merchant” in their reports about the unenviable fate of the journalistic trio did not mention the article posted in the Central African Corbeau publishing News, which refers to the testimony of survivors of the driver.

After the driver announced things to the basement spread Russian lies about the death of journalists, namely, it is reported that the attackers wore balaclavas (not turbans, as is posted on the Russian media), and journalists with them to communicate freely! That is, Orkhan Jemal, Kirill Radchenko and Alexander Rastorguev fluent sargo?

Well, the war between the FSB and GRU is like the bridgehead of actual combat, and InfoSpace. Although, this is not surprising, given the fact, how literally in 2014, the Internet was produced by the massive leak of data undercover employees FCU, which was organized by the hacker group “Humpty Dumpty” working under the auspices of the FSB, which dealt a severe reputational blow to the Russian defense Ministry and directly to Sergei Shoigu.

By the way, a year ago, it is now quite often referred to the structure of the LRC conducted an investigation into the activities of “Humpty Dumpty”. And in General, very interestingly it turns out that a significant part of the work of this “administration” coincides with the interests of the GRU (the defense Ministry).

Yes, in Syria Shoigu got even, and very tough, but Alaverdi has not kept itself waiting. Now PMC “Wagner” grushnikov, namely, the GRU worked all of the above and, in the best traditions of “Freud” was confirmed by Maxim Shevchenko in the air of “Echo of Moscow”, will not admit on distance of a shot from an AK-74.

Especially such matters as Orkhan Jemal, that their professional skills were not only posted by but a first-class cartographer (“Russian state geological prospecting University named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze”, experience in “Ecotheology”).

By the way, Jamal took part in the filming about Bessere in the Donbass, in the time when this puppet GRU relish stoked Fsbshnogo protege Girkin.

And someone said, journalists… the liberals…


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