Warsaw was accused of neglect of the rule of law

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’ve heard the charges that the Polish vessels are not under the control of the authorities of the country, and also that many other legal principles in the state are not met. Reports replyua.net today, the fourth of July, the debate in the European Parliament developed into the conflict between the Polish Prime Minister and representatives of several factions. The fact that Marouckla filed charges: Warsaw neglects the legal principles of the state. One of the Democrats during the discussion, said that Poland should get back to the center of the EU. In turn, one of the factionalists EPP accused Warsaw of illegal use of the channels and spreading propaganda. The factionalists called riots, taking place in the country, the gradual elimination of democracy.

Do not stay aside and co-chair of the green faction, noting that the poles constantly organize protests with flags of Europe, because “hope for the EU.” Polish citizens believe the EU, according to Franziska Keller, believe more than their government. In turn, Prime Minister of Poland said that his country, like all others, has the right at its discretion to build the judicial system, relying on its own traditions. Moravicki stressed that the government in Poland has not weakened its control, but quite the contrary.

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