We have to accept running from Russia

We have to accept running from Russia

For the second region, the decision of the local Council banned the public use of Russian cultural product.

Usually I’m against the ban. They are not justified.

But then, I’m instinctively in favour.

The Russian government, Putin and his intelligence services have used language as a weapon. As a pretext for war. As a way of division of the nation.

Since the times of Russian Empire it was forbidden Ukrainian books, kill our poets and writers, historians, priests, politicians. And then Shot Revival, the destruction of the kobzars….

Century culturecide.

Immeasurable damage.

Someone will say that the Russians destroyed the flower of the intelligentsia in Russia itself, leaving a narrow layer of intelligent service won for alcoholics, drug addicts and poverty – more aggressive and napakasaya on human rights.

I don’t care about Russia.

But, I know that Russia has done and is doing in my Ukraine.

I don’t want to hear Russian language in Parliament. I don’t need Russian language on Ukrainian radio, television and the media.

I want my children taught primarily in Ukrainian, then the languages of the world’s great powers, and then electives any other, but not Russian, of course, if they do not want. And as for me, the most useful to learn Hungarian.

At the same time, in Lviv, not to be beaten and beaten for Russian language, and politely answer and help any tourist.

I write this text in Russian and know what to me tomorrow will not come, SBU, at least for the language)))

But for the most part, somewhere in the 99.9 percent, of public speaking I do in Ukrainian.

It’s such a position.

I totalno ukrainsan Ukraine. TSE is so simple and so logono. So fine.

Yak tilki budesa ucrainica 90 percent, I totalno anglozulu, next kitasato, nemeckay, polsku that uhorsko we know more than anglisku, francusku has required vcity, and those, as we DOPOMOGA Japan that Slovacchia, vimage knowledge I h the MOU.

Russian language should be taught. Because constantly, you must question them spies, murderers, violators of the border, surrendered to the special forces.

Well, we all make fleeing from the Russian Federation, is the objective for all of Europe, and they do not know the language.

It should be the same, so that our social services could scream Russian, “dear Russian refugees, to the toilet you need to walk only in specially designed places in the camp, respect yourself and others.”

Miroslav Gay

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