We will remind, last week between Budapest and Kiev broke “passport scandal”.

Relations between Ukraine and Hungary because of the situation in Transcarpathia aggravated / photo Uninverse beginning to act like the Carpathians – its territory, said Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Bodnar.

In comments DT.UA Bodnar noted that we are talking not only about the issuance of passports or the establishment of a “government Commissioner, responsible for the development of Transcarpathian region”.

“If Ukraine will not respond to such acts of Budapest, this impunity will lead to unpredictable consequences. Our goal is to show that the region covered Ukrainian sovereignty, we will defend,” – said the Deputy Minister.

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Recall, minuses week between Budapest and Kiev sparked the “passport scandal”. The cause was a hidden video with the Hungarian Consulate in Berehovo, where the citizens of Ukraine were granted Hungarian citizenship, and encouraged to hide this fact from the Ukrainian authorities.

On Thursday, Ukraine’s foreign Ministry told the Ambassador of Hungary in Ukraine Erno Keskeny that one of the consuls of Hungary in Beregovo declared persona non grata.

In response to this decision, the Budapest sends the first Secretary of the Ukrainian Embassy in Hungary.

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