Well forgotten old

Well forgotten old

The Kremlin is preparing a new pension system at an accelerated pace. Raising the age is only part of the Scam.

Followed by a new round of robbery, the essence of which is quite simple: all citizens of the volunteer force will be transferred to the “new” accumulation system according to the principle: who has not given, automatically put on the account in that pension Fund, in which it already is, and all the rest (luckily not one pension Fund safely went bankrupt and disappeared with the money) just to “voluntarily” take into account in the pension Fund of the Bank, which will be, apparently, the largest.

For six years the contributions for this voluntary insurance will bring from 0 to 6 percent, which will mean an increase in income tax from 12% to 18%.

The main thing – the old savings officially no return nobody will.

Stole them and forgot.

The law on the budget of the stolen funds still called “frozen” for an indefinite period, that looks weird – how can you freeze something that’s already stolen and what doesn’t already exist in nature?

In fact all previous pension savings suffered the fate of funds accumulated in the savings Bank – they are not and never will be.

Sberbank, when it is necessary, says proudly about his more than a century of history, but when it comes to the disappearance of the “Soviet” stocks, then frost and says that he is a completely different legal entity – that it and ask.

“What have we?”

In fact, such a model is likely to be applied to the current “new” retirement savings system.

It will take some time, “new” accumulation of similarly stolen, after which the new President – some “Banquet”, “Udmurt” or “talker” (and then updated, modified and improved version) – will shrug and say, “what about me? All the questions to the previous President – he promised you and swore to the honor of an officer. And I got nothing to do with”.

And – here we go again.

Again, we will assure that we all live better and longer, and therefore age is an urgent need to raise to 70, again will freeze the current savings and create new savings system, even more beautiful than the previous one.

A. Nesmiyan

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